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RE: Enough Already with the FAKE Voter ID
December 31, 2012 | 01:00 PM

More people were killed from TVs falling and killing them, than people trying to illegally vote, last year. Enough Already with the right wing talking points, they do not solve problems but overshadow the real issues, like America seeing an increase in mass shootings and gun violence. The GOOD-GUYS with guns can't stop the bad guys, statics show arming more people does not deter nor stop the violence in progress, unless a uniformed officer is called in and the perpetrator kills themselves or is killed/taken into custody.

No, I'm not interested in a police state where there are many police in the schools, grocery stores or movie theaters...I've seen that in other country's and it's not a friendly atmosphere. Yes, it was a THIRD WORLD country, and I thought we were past that here in America.

The Right to bare Arms in a WELL REGULATED militia is not everyone and anyone can have a gun anywhere they want. Again, you are giving your opinion that YOUR rights are being violated, but again the only rights being violated are the countless human deaths by the countless guns not regulated WELL.

As for your address of welfare and drug tests, they tried that in Florida and it cost the taxpayers 100,000's more money and it netted next to nothing in drug abuses. The people living as drug addicts are not living on welfare, they are living on borrowed time and money.

Look up Australia, and how they handled their gun problems of the 90's, and see where they are today, or Europe most of those countries don't even have a standing army, and they don't have the violence we have here. How are they handling guns?

Look, there is a problem, whether or not you choose to see it.

tolerance and understanding equals peace...something lacking these days in America

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