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Broken Record
January 17, 2013 | 02:20 PM

Just because you repeat yourself hotdog doesn't make you correct. Attitudes like yours are the EXACT reason we can never cut spending and must constantly raise taxes.

"Oh, there's all these services and we can't ask anyone to be burdened"

What a load of crap. You have NO PROBLEM asking the rest of us to be burdened by our taxes going up every year, it's time we stood up and made the tough decisions to look out for the taxpayer for a change. If that means having the public employees pay a little more for benefits than SO BE IT.

In the REAL WORLD, business is forced to find ways to increase productivity and do more with less EVERY DAY. It's about time we expected the same thing from certain government "services".

As for "you get what you pay for", you're talking like driving a BMW instead of a Ferrari is some sort of downgrade. It isn't when you figure in that it costs a whole lot less to won the BMW and it's still a great car.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva
Walworth County