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RE: Enough Already
January 20, 2013 | 08:30 AM

Enough Already you get your facts from Right Wing think tanks that use partial numbers to get a result that is misleading and not comprehensive of all details.

You are wrong about public employees, the cleaning, policing, and teaching have been proven MORE expensive in WI, in reference to Milwaukee under our Governor Walker during his time as Milwaukee county executive giving those positions to private institutions that did NOT do as well of a job and in Fact cost millions more than the PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. The same can be said for the private education in charter schools that did not operate at budget and did not provide a BETTER learning environment, but cost more and was open to MORE CORRUPTION of public funds.

As for you and your job, let me advise you, that corporate profits are at all time highs, workers wages at all time lows...if you have a problem with your benefits being cut and working more and getting less, while padding your boss's pockets, then organize your fellow workers and stand up for yourself, you have a better chance of changing your situation in a group, than by yourself. Yes, that is what UNIONS do! Pushing down other workers because you don't like your working conditions, is not going to help you, in fact you will continue to defeat yourself.

As for the poor getting their help cut, is wrong! ONLY After oil and corporate subsidies are cut, should we look at cutting assistance from REAL PEOPLE, that are in need.

Just because there are crooks that game the system with everything you can name, does not mean we end all programs that help more people, than people who are able to game it. How about hiring some public employees to verify and check specifically for fraud.

Enough Already, if you have a pot hole call the guys and they will come fix it, these public employees are AWESOME here, when I have a question it is answered, fixed or checked out. ALL OF THEM, and they are worth some of my pay check.

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