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It's a Shame, but Helpfull Tips
January 25, 2013 | 05:48 AM

While may not apply This Tragedy, but might helps Others..
Was On AOL recently..

Protect Your Pet From These 6 Winter Hazards - PawNation


that maybe Our Local Papers ought to Run every Year or monthly? Surprised PetCo Doesn't Do so as a Community Service.. Ask them LGRN..?

And I can't Recommend strongl enough that Dog Owners Watch the Dog Whisper show.. It's Very Helpfull !

and my wifes Little Toy Poddle was so Freindly? She would Jump in anyone's Car and Lick them to Death..lol! and was also Stolen!

Dogs are Really Young Children and Need our Constant Supervision and Depend on us as so.. Like Kids, if put outside, can't Let them out of your sight for 1 Min..

Sorry for your Loss..

I've Lost 4 dogs ( Goldens) in my Life, 3 of just Old Age but 1 was Stolen..

Walworth County