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Enough is Enough! Time For a Change!
January 28, 2013 | 12:20 PM

After reading the news article and the various comments on what has taken place at the school, to me it's very obvious that our focus should continue to be on the negligence of both adminstration and board of education. Their lack of understanding and careless following through with board policy has once again brought embarrassment to the community of Walworth, has added stress to every Walworth school district home, has caused a huge distraction to the school district's teachers and has impacted in a negative way the instruction of the students. When teachers are under stress, student learning is affected. From what I've read, both the school administration and board of education have really offered no humble apology for their actions or lack there of. Instead, they've circled their wagons. Strength in leadership sometimes requires an admittance of mistakes, and a humble apology to be offered. From the article, it was stated that the school district's teaches have been afraid to come forward over the years with other issues and have even felt bullied. That's terrible! Working in such an environment cannot be condusive to quality teaching and learning. No one should ever experience that in a work place. So what's next? Both the district administration and board of education fall under the evaluation of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The department's web address is http://dpi.state.wi.us/. Courtney Spitz serves as the contact person at the dpi. Her direct number is 608-264-9339. Maybe she and the dpi need to hear about what has taken place here at our school. As citizens of Walworth we are also the evaluators of the school administration and we also elect the board of education. Is it not time for a change at the top in both areas? We can also not forget this negligence when the next election comes about. Board members should never be evaluated on how long they've served but on how knowlegeable they are in following policy. The length of a board member's tenure should be of least importance. A board member should have a stake in the school district they serve in as well. Is that the present case now? Good things will come from this if change takes place. It's time for those of us who have a stake in our child's education to do something about it.

Fed Up
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