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Tax rates and performance
February 09, 2013 | 07:59 AM

Comments above veer off from the issue: much of property tax dollars are for education. School ratings in the Lake Geneva district are not that terrific (compared to the state as a whole) and the state's ratings aren't great either.

If people want to see where their money is going, they should pay more attention to school budgets, salaries and what performance is resulting from these expenditures.

Currently Lake Geneva taxpayers, as a whole, are footing the bill for the sub-standard part of the school population, which receives bi-lingual instruction (at taxpayer cost) free lunches and other special programs (at taxpayer cost) and high pay for so called special needs director and staff.

Even now the LG School Board is moving to take downtown students, by bus, to a low-performance school further away in the district. Why? Because they want to perk up the other school's dreadful ratings (which are the result of the same "give taxpayer money to the so-called underprivilged) What really happens with all this planned "redistribution?" Costs go up and performance of more capable students is dragged further down.

Since the 1970's when the Federal government got more involved in education - and began to emphasize social integration over basic skills - the U.S. has gone from #1 in world education ratings to it's current rating of #26 worldwide.

This is not the fault of the teachers directly. It is the result of a shift in the direction and purpose of education. And the taxpayers foot the bill.

J. Korbell
Lake Geneva
Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin