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report print email Source: Editorial: Bay school sets special architect meeting
February 15, 2013 | 08:30 AM

Don't worry weekender I thank my lucky stars that you are here to save us from the wretches of having less boisterous obnoxious people like yourself thinking you are god’s gift to Wisconsin. We live in this community because we like to raise kids in a small school that provides an excellent education, encourages individualism and participation. Consolidators taught increased performance and lower cost per pupil. This study shows triple the cost per pupil and marginal increase in performance that was done in in 2005. http://cpr.maxwell.syr.edu/efap/Publications/Does_School_Consolidation_Nov_05.pdf
School districts are not Sara lee, GE or Caterpillar. Consolidation does not reduce the cost of transportation, the amount of teachers, or space needed per pupil. Large companies save on the synergies of transportation networks, accounting and administration, and consolidated manufacturing lines. I like to think of the kids not as cattle rushed through a bigger school where they lose a little something in individualism, but the future of our country where it is our responsibility to find better ways to educate not take the “let them eat cake” approach. I’m sorry that your pension suffers because you can’t enjoy your weekends because of the exorbitant taxes you must pay. For your sake please go down to the park, sit on a bench, watch the lake, and say maybe today I can help someone else instead of find a way to only think of my wallet. Sorry if this upsets your highness.

Bay fulltimer
Walworth County