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Proud to weekend in the Bay
February 16, 2013 | 08:11 AM

So much fun to get one of the locals all riled up...but face the reality of the situation and see that all the spoils come with next to no resistance. I for one love the local community and support/use the library, park district programs, and so much more. However the assessed value of real estate (and thus the tax dollars it creates for the local community) in the lakefront and lake access market is indeed substantial and adds millions to the school coffers with minimal impact on the resources. The school district needs to learn to live within its means even if that means utilizing a 100 year old school (that has been added on to and remodeled many times most recently in 1996 and surely must meet life safety codes). My kids went to a 100 year old grade school as well...oh the horrors....that had been added on to and remodeled but not much since the mid 90's.

The misappropriation of local tax dollars for the schools dates back many years as one simply look at the high school....where the cost of that building should have been put towards a consolidation program and upgrading neighboring schools or even building a new one collectively to handle the regional enrollment instead of local schools based on pie in the sky enrollment projections that have never come even close. The same school challenges exist in districts all around the country and there is no easy answer but turning to the taxpayer to throw even more money at it is not the best though seemingly easiest solution!

Bay Weekender
Wms Bay
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