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Theatre Dreams...
February 16, 2013 | 08:28 AM

Save the theatre is a great sentiment but have to ask at what cost? The local government does not belong in the theatre business so it is up to the community itself to make the theatre a reality by not just saying they support the theatre but truly support it with their wallets. If the arts proposition was indeed a smart investment you would have fast seen this seemingly fire sale priced property snapped up and the marquee aglow once again. The realities of the local and tourism markets combined simply don't seem to be enough to make it a viable business proposition so thus it sadly sits. If the community wants to embrace the arts then it is time to turn the words where talk comes cheap into real sustainable dollars to make it happen. The community fast needs to realize that words of support alone will not turn the lights back on nor keep the marquee aglow long term.

Bay Weekender
Williams Bay
Walworth County