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Snapping Turtle Criminal(s)
June 24, 2013 | 10:06 AM

This I direct to the cowardly and vile inhabitants that share our earth whom believe they have the right to mame and/or torture innocent creatures....look into your soul and realize the grief you would feel if this was a loved one who was struck down in this same manner! How dare you! What or who gives you the right to harm and torture this or any of God's creatures that share our earth?! Actions of this nature are clearly awarded to those who are destined to be the next serial killer amongst us...are you that? Really...a turtle, what a "small" person or persons you are!!! A defenseless animal that was seeking a spot to lay her eggs, unable to run from your repeated blows that inflicted horrid pain, which mamed and eventually killed her...and for what? It is unfortunate that this is the USA and our courts will inflict no more than a "slap on the hand", a small fine, for a crime of this nature, it would be much more appropriate to have this same manner of punishment, that was inflicted to this turtle, performed on the person or persons who did this COWARDLY act! Shame on you! Come forward and accept your punishment, you can be assured you will not receive the same which you inflicted on this poor turtle!

Lake Geneva
Walworth County