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A few facts, part 1 of 3
July 07, 2013 | 09:09 PM

I have been with Genoa City baseball for over 14 years. We are NOT liars. We run an honest program. We do not recruit players. Our players have either grown up playing Genoa City baseball, come to us on their own, most often when moving into the area or sometimes, try another team and ask to come back. The two "sides" did combine and it was working ok; we were minding our own business running our two of the four teams. "He" (or they) told the state they wanted to split apart, with no notice to us. Players do need waivers if playing for a different base school. There are several layers to this rule, but basically all that has to happen is fill out some paperwork, everybody involved sign it and file it. Very easy. Unless "someone" refuses to sign it to release the players, then the Regional directors are called in. Sometimes even the State Commissioner of Wisconsin Legion Baseball. That is the case now. Lake Geneva coaches are flat out refusing to sign these wiavers. We are not breaking any rules. The Commissioner has ordered Lake Geneva and Genoa City to sign any waiver presented to them. We never had a problem doing that. Lake Geneva coaches however are refusing to sign papers (given to them at the so-called meeting).

Kim Andresen
Genoa City
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