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A few facts, part 2 of 3
July 07, 2013 | 09:29 PM

You'll notice "he" doesn't bother to tell us here about either the letter from the State Office, nor the papers presented to them, by coaches, players and their parents, to be signed. By the way, he told people that meeting was a mandatory try-out. When the GC coaches, parents and players got there, no one else was there, just them. Some had to leave their own daughter's graduation party (and the like) in order to be there, so yeah, I would bet some were pretty aggrivated. Rightly so. So, LG flat out refuses to sign the waivers. That leaves a player four options: 1) stay and play for a team that he really doesn't want to be on, 2) if they have the time or money, try-out for a travel team and hope they make the cut, 3) try to find an independent team or 4) not play baseball. So, the Commissioner has ruled, I feel, exactly as he should have...in favor of the PLAYER. Get it? It's all about the kids! Why would you force a player to stay on your team? That sounds like a "coach" truly dedicated to himself, not a team. "He" really needs to stop bothering these families and let the kids play ball with their buddies. This has been going on for months; since at least December! Enough is enough! Players from both "sides" have their reason for playing on their given team. We know and repsect the players and THEIR decisions. Parents and players from both "sides" are friends and support each other and that is a wonderful thing. "He" states that several players on GC are potential starters for next years varsity at Badger and they should be playing for LG." Why?? What difference should that make? We all attend the same high school: Lake Geneva-Genoa City UNION High School. It's just as much ours as it is "yours".

Kim Andresen
Genoa City