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A few facts 3 of 4!
July 07, 2013 | 10:14 PM

Oh, by the way: check the school rosters for the past several years and you will see the very high percentage of the starters that were Genoa City ball players. This year it was 11 of the top 13...and so it goes. "He" states "Genoa City 16U won the State title last year". Indeed they did. Congratulations again guys...Proud of you! "He" states: "Players are attracted to Genoa City because they win." Ok...? "He" says: "Genoa City has a competitive little league..." Indeed we do! However, "he" is in error as he continues and says "for Genoa City, Wilmot and some Pell Lake." WRONG! It's for anyone...EVERYONE! Just like the "Y" is not just for LG kids.

Kim Andresen
Genoa City
Taste of Wisconsin