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report print email Source: Editorial: County saves nearly $1 million on insurance
July 18, 2013 | 12:14 PM

Both Tom and Joe - guys - please read this again carefully. County employees have been contributing towards a percentage of the premiums for health care for years - long before act 10 became a reality. I believe it began in 2005 at the rates 7 to 12%. All they are doing is now increasing the deductible portion required by the employee and changing to an HMO vs a PPO. So - the two posts - while I appreciate that fact that you recognize their hardwork - neglects to realize that they conintue to make less and less. They are dealing with the act 10 implications (the employees) and they will deal with this too. But municipal employees are assumed to have these BMW type benefits that haven't existed at the county since at least 2005 and probably earlier. The retirement issue notwithstanding - municipal employees have no way to participate in a growing economy (not saying it is only that with private sector benefits and wages typically get restored when things turn around) - at the municipal level - these changes stick forever and they never recover either through wages or return of benefits.

Former Co Employee