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Chris Ann's Resale
August 21, 2013 | 05:54 PM

I agree with most of the posts regarding the generosity in the past. As a person who both collects and distributes to the needy. I have seen a big change in what is now available without charge. In the beginning nothing was off limits if it was for the needy. Now what she will give away is in one corner of the store and everything else is off limits unless you buy it. I believe that is the main issue with Sal. He can not tell people something that is not true in his column. The suggestions Sal is making regarding the store has to do with code violations and nothing more.
Sal helped launch this store and supported it weekly in his column. Chris Ann's has made a business decision to move in a different direction which is fine but this is a direction that Sal can no longer support so he had to be upfront with his readers. Sal was collecting furniture and clothing long before Chris Ann's was there. He is simply going back to his belief that if things are donated for the needy. The needy should not have to pay for them.

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