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Supporting Chris Ann
August 22, 2013 | 08:24 PM

How shallow and unprofessional of you, Sal! Crystal and her family MAKE A LIVING off of the donations that come into her store. It is her BUSINESS! She is not there to be free storage for donations to The Time Is Now! And you are definitely not entitled to change how she runs her business! "My repeated attempts to work with Chris Ann regarding her pricing, offering free items for the handicapped, and other store suggestions, has left me unable to continue our mission together." Do you know how petty and childish you sound in that statement?? It's downright shameful.
Crystal has helped my family out numerous times when we've been in need. She is always there with a smile and a hug for anyone who walks in the door.
By the way, she donates items in the store to those in need, WITHOUT YOU TELLING HER TO. She is a kind, generous, honest woman. You could learn a lesson or two from her!

M. Smith
Walworth County