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The Time is Now
Tragedy strikes young family

December 30, 2010

Dear W.C.,

My family is in desperate need of help. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has been having problems for nearly a year and we did not know why. Since we did not have health insurance we could not afford a visit to a doctor. One night several weeks ago he was so bad he passed out and I called an ambulance.

After a week in the hospital and many tests they tell us he has a cancerous brain tumor. How does something like this happen to a man in his 30s with two young children? They said he waited so long to get treated it is too late. They want to do some radiation to shrink the tumor but it is too late for surgery.

We are both in shock and not sure where to go from here. He can no longer work and I have been unemployed for the last eight months. We have fallen behind in our rent. Everything in our life has changed at once and I am overwhelmed with the reality of losing my husband. Can you please help make this difficult time a little easier?

Devastated and Overwhelmed Wife

Dear Readers,

As we all prepare to begin a new year there are some facing great hardship. This mother of two young children will have to care for her husband. She will have to figure out how to feed and shelter her children as they struggle financially in this recession. I called the mother as soon as I read this letter requesting our assistance.

The mother answered the phone on the first ring. She explained she was waiting for the doctor to return her call because she had just brought her husband home from the hospital and he was not doing well. I asked when would be a good time for me to come and visit and she said as soon as possible. I did not feel right showing up when they had just returned home from the hospital and he was doing so poorly, but she said, "Please come as soon as you can. My husband needs to talk to you." I went to their address at once.

When I arrived the wife answered the door. She told me her husband had finally fallen asleep after she gave him some pain medication under the doctor's directions. She asked me to come in and she showed me her husband sleeping on the couch where he had insisted on waiting for me. He looked very drained and pale. She showed me a picture of him taken just a year previous and he looked like a completely different man. She began to cry and asked if I would pray with her.

The two children were sitting at the kitchen table. I could tell they were confused and too young to understand. I talked with the children for a few minutes and they were very nice. The mother explained how they both helped her, they loved school, and their grades were good. The oldest child said, "Dad tells us he is very proud of us for being the best." The mother smiled and hugged both her children. After meeting the children we went back to the living room by her husband.

In the living room she said the thought of trying to care for her children when she could not pay the rent or tear herself away from her husband's side was too much for her. She began to cry again when she explained she had not told her children that their father was very sick. They were only four and seven and could not begin to understand what he was going through. I assured her we would be there to help make this time for them somewhat easier.

We went over their budget and income. This had all happened so fast and the wife was trying to find time to apply for assistance but it was a long process that had a long waiting period. She was trying to split her time between the hospital, her children, and making endless phone calls for assistance that also required appointments and paperwork. Now that her husband was home she would need to spend her time caring for him. She explained her husband's family was either deceased or he had no contact with them. Her own family was in Minnesota. They were very much alone.

The husband/father sat up, holding his head. The wife immediately went to his side holding him and asking how he felt. He said he felt dizzy but much better. He asked his wife if she had heard from me and she said, "W.C. is right here. He met the kids." The husband/father looked over the room and saw me. He tried to stand, but was not able. I went to him and told him to rest. He grasped my hand and told me how he always read The Time Is Now To Help column.

He said, "I am sorry to burden The Time Is Now To Help with another problem." I held his hand with both of mine and told him it was an honor to do what we could to help his family. The husband/father looked at me, his eyes full of tears, and said, "I thank all of you for helping us. My biggest worry has been for my family, my wife, my children." He began to tremble. I put my arm around his shoulders and told him The Time Is Now will be there to help. With that he calmed down and seemed to relax some as he thanked us profusely. The husband then said what they needed most was to move to Minnesota to live with his wife's parents. The wife agreed this would be the best scenario for them as she would be able to live rent free with her parents for as long as they needed.

After more conversation we called her parents and they readily agreed. They just did not have the money to help her move. I agreed to help with the relocation costs. I spoke to their landlord about the overdue rent. After I explained the grave situation he very kindly agreed to return the security deposit and forgive the overdue rent. This is a fellow American doing fine financially and sharing/helping his fellow creations' burden. God bless him. I also called a volunteer to bring over some much needed food. The same volunteer offered to help the wife pack as she cared for her husband. They seemed to really get along well and I could see this volunteer was a perfect pick for the help the wife needed.

With the help of a few more volunteers we had the house packed in two days. The wife applied for the medical assistance her husband would need at her parents' home. The wife gave both me and the wonderful volunteer a big hug as we helped her and her husband into their car as she was preparing to leave. It filled us with sadness to know we would never see this young man again. He could barely speak but managed to grab my hand, look me in the eyes, and thank me for helping his wife and family.

I told him, "God bless you my friend. Everyone at The Time Is Now To Help are thankful for allowing us to help." He actually gave me a smile and whispered, "Tell everyone God bless them for their help." I handed his wife several vouchers for gas and the volunteer handed her a big bag with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for their drive. We hugged again and they were off.

I spoke with the young mother about a month later when she called to tell me her husband had passed. I could not believe such a young father could be taken from this world. She shared with me how they were all able to be with him when he left this world. She also said how much help her parents had been to her and the children. She thanked everyone at The Time Is Now To Help for food when they were hungry and all the assistance we offered in the relocation to her parents. She broke down in tears again as she said they could never have done this without our help. She said her husband had been so relieved by all The Time Is Now had done for his family.

As we all prepare to begin a New Year, let's not forget the untimely passing of this young father. I am sure last New Year he thought he had many more years to celebrate. I doubt he thought he would be gone from this world before the next holiday season. If we all make a resolution to extend ourselves to someone in need this coming year, to care and share as God loves us, our world would be a much better place for everyone. Thank you again for your caring and sharing over the past year.

My resolution will be the same one I make every year, to help as many of our fellow creations in need as I/we possibly can, to try and end the suffering and pain of poverty, and to continue to use every penny of your donations to assist those in need of assistance. Thank you again for your caring and sharing and God Bless Everyone in the New Year.

Don't forget our new Christmas Wish $25,000 Matching Grant. Your donations will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach our goal of $25,000. Once again, thank you and God bless our generous providers of this wonderful opportunity. After Christmas we reach our most difficult fundraising time. It is also the most trying time for individuals living without shelter, food, and utilities during our harsh winter. Please find this matching grant an encouragement to donate after the holiday season. God bless you for Caring and Sharing.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

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