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Lyons residents get preview of Highway 36 resurfacing project

March 17, 2011

Lyons — About a half dozen or so town of Lyons residents showed up March 10 at the town hall for a two-hour open house to talk to state engineers and review plans for resurfacing of Highway 36.

No one seemed to object to the work, especially since it will not cause any road closures.

Engineers said they are not expecting any road closures during the project. However, some lanes will be narrowed during work and there will be some flagging along the route to control traffic, said Christine Rawson, project engineer for the state Department of Transportation.

Work on the project will state March 2012 and is expected to conclude in September 2012. The work will be done on 6.2 miles of Highway 36 from Springfield (Highway 120) east to Westridge Avenue in Racine County.

About a mile of Highway 36, already repaired as part of the Highway 11 project, will not be part of the project. The paved shoulder will be widened from 3 to 5 feet.

The section of Highway 36 scheduled for renovation, was first built as a two lane highway in 1928. In 1985, the lanes were widened to their current 12 feet.

The project proposes to mill off the existing asphalt pavement, use the millings as foundation for the new resurfacing and then pave a new layer of asphalt.

The repaving will raise the road by 4.5 inches.

In most areas where there is already curb and gutter, road height will remain the same.

Intersection improvements are planned for Short, Hospital, Spring Valley and Mormon roads.

Deck repair and resurfacing will be done on parts of the roadway that cross the White River State Trail and Ore Creek.

The highway will remain open during the construction. Construction is expected to start on the westbound lane and finish in the eastbound lane. Drivers can expect minor delays. At times, the roadway will be restricted to one lane with flaggers used to ensure the safe movement of traffic.

Traffic on Highway 36 between Highway 120 and Westridge Avenue is now 6,600 vehicles per day. That's expected to increase to 8,200 vehicles in 2031.

The anticipated cost of the project is not being released at this time.