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The Time is Now to Help
Senior faces truth about roommate

March 24, 2011

Dear W.C.,

I am a senior man with medical problems. I met what I thought was a nice middle aged man but was taken advantage of. I admit I trusted him too much but he seemed like an honest man. He was renting the extra room in my house. It helped me make my bills and it was nice having someone around to help with the chores.

He would clean up the house and grocery shop for me. Since I have a hard time driving I let him take my car to run errands and look for work. He ended up crashing my car and leaving without notice. He never paid me for the last two months rent. I had sent him to the bank to pay some bills and make some deposits for me and they were never done. He even stole some of my personal belongings and medications.

I feel so foolish for trusting this man but I really thought he cared about me. I have no living children and my wife died years ago as well. I am all alone and have nowhere else to turn. I need to be able to pay my utilities and for my prescriptions this month but he took all my funds for that. Can you please help a foolish old man?

Dear Readers,

I could tell from this letter the elderly gentleman was feeling very depressed and taken advantage of. I went to the return address on the envelope and knocked. After several minutes I saw the elderly man through the window on the door. I told him who I was through the door and showed him my identification and the letter he had written at the window. He cautiously opened the door.

The senior man seemed to have Parkinson's disease, which he later confirmed. He shook my hand unsteadily and invited me inside. The older home was small and untidy. We sat to talk in the living room on very old furniture.

I asked him about the man he had taken in. I wrote down his name and any information he had. I asked if he had gone to the authorities and he said he had not as he felt so ashamed. I told him to not be ashamed. The man had obviously been a con artist and many senior citizens are taken advantage of every year. I asked him if I could call the authorities now and he said yes. We later found the man had been using a false identity and was nowhere to be found.

We went over his budget and I found he could manage fine if he had an honest renter. I knew a couple that needed a place to rent and asked him if he would consider this. He seemed afraid and did not want to trust anyone again. I reassured him these were good hardworking people that needed a place they could rent. After some more conversation about this couple he agreed to meet with them. I called them to be sure they were interested and they were very excited as they had been living in a motel room to keep from becoming homeless. I arranged the meeting. The couple had lost their home of 10 years after both losing their jobs and they were well known in the area. They have recently both found jobs, but very low paying ones.

The Time Is Now To Help brought the elderly man's utilities up to date. I noticed very little food in the house. We supplied him with good food. He was very grateful for this assistance as the stress of the whole situation had taken a very big toll on his health. I could see he was very much in need of an honest renter that could help around the house. I knew this couple would be just who he needed and they him. The couple always volunteers to help and they were especially fond of helping the elderly. They met the following afternoon for several hours. The senior gentleman asked when they could move in. They moved in the next day.

The senior's mattress sagged terribly. We purchased the elderly man a bed and provided new bedding. He was so overwhelmed and grateful. He shakily grabbed my hand and cried. I explained about all the good people who make The Time Is Now To Help possible and all the help we give through their kindness and generosity. The elderly man said, "I never knew there were such good people." Together, we showed this man caring and sharing does exist.

After several weeks I paid them another visit. This time I could see a difference in the home immediately. The house was clean and orderly. I could smell food cooking in the kitchen. The senior gentleman was much happier and healthier. He said he was feeling much improved already and he said he owed that to The Time Is Now and the couple living with him.

He raved about how they helped him around the house and always offered assistance. He said they both went to work every day and even when they came home tired they would make his dinner and take time to sit and talk. He really loved the companionship and the household help. With our help and the young couple paying rent and half of the utilities, the financial stress was gone. Also the elderly man was healing from the shock of the devastating wrong that was done to him.

Thank you for your caring and sharing. You have helped to ease the pain and stress of poverty from another one of God's creations.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone,


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