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The Time is Now to Help
Woman has no other options

April 07, 2011

Dear W.C.,

I have a young son with multiple handicaps. I have been raising him on my own ever since his father left. While my son is at his school are the only hours I can work and bring in a meager income for us. This extra income beyond our assistance helps to pay for our food and car expenses. We could not get by without it. My ex-husband has moved away and can't be found to pay child support. When they make budget cuts do they not realize how it affects people like me, living on the edge of poverty, with no other options?

Dear Readers,

When The Time Is Now To Help was founded we were based in Chicago and the Chicago suburban area. We worked out of many homeless shelters, churches, and centers for the handicapped. We walked through some of the most impoverished neighborhoods and destitute households. We saw firsthand the needs of the homeless, senior citizens and handicapped. We saw children and young adults with heart breaking disabilities. The poverty was so great these families could not even provide wheelchairs for their disabled children. They could barely feed or clothe not only the disabled child but the rest of their families. I watched and learned in those first years. I saw how these impoverished families depended on these government programs and centers for assistance. I came across a group of almost 40 multiple handicapped children with rags for clothes and some of them were being carried around on a piece of plywood. These children looked back at me and I felt their desperation.

Together we clothed them and provided proper supportive wheelchairs... anything our fellow creations needed. We provided special supportive handicap chairs, wheelchairs, clothing, diapers, food, etc... As I looked at a girl of around 12 years old, who had been fed by a tube in her stomach, she could not talk, walk, or sit up on her own... I saw her in her new clothes, laying on the newly provided foam supports. I saw her smile at me. I told the director of the handicapped day care, "Look! She is smiling!" The director told me, "Of course she is, she is so proud of her new bedding and new clothes." I smiled back at her and told her how beautiful she looked, she smiled again. After I left the room, I cried. The director told me, "Most the children are very coherent, they are trapped in bodies that do not work."

Over the many years of observation and assistance we learned how these families were suffering in poverty. Every day was a struggle for them to fulfill their most basic needs. My heart still goes out to the many people we assist that cannot help themselves. I sometimes get asked if we are assisting people that should just get a job. How can you get a job if you are a senior citizen, an adult with disabilities, a single mother caring for her disabled child or children, or just a child? There are many people out of work now, which are over qualified for the jobs they are applying for. Any job, as long as it fills the cupboards and pays the rent is a job, even if the pay is only seven or eight dollars an hour. Who cares if you have a four or six year college degree, our government does not? That is why the government allows unfair trade with slave labor countries to compete with our fellow Americans.

My love goes out to all living with disabilities. Our government should not be sending one penny overseas for anything other than humanitarian issues. Not keeping our tax dollars here to help our fellow Americans in desperate need is terrible. They should walk the streets of our destitute and through the centers that help our disabled to see for themselves the great need that is here. Our government keeps spending our tax dollars all over the world while our America, our Americans, are suffering in a recession they caused by not keeping a watchful business eye here on our country. It is up to us to help our fellow Americans and disabled living in the pains of poverty. God Bless the generosity of the people, and our great local government, for our blessed state-of-the-art Lakeland School.

When I visited this single mother I could see how tired and strained she was from the constant care. She introduced me to her son and I could see he was very disabled. I shook the young boy's hand and saw a small smile. The mother got him comfortable in a hospital bed set up in the small living room.

I asked the mother where she felt she needed assistance most. She looked at her hands and said tearfully, "I am so overwhelmed. I cannot keep up. Either I'm scraping together change for gas, embarrassed to buy only $6.77 or $5.31 worth of gas, praying I do not run out again or my son's electric chair breaks down. I have to wait months to get all the approvals needed to get it fixed. If they can't fix it I have to wait until the allotted time, or months to get another. Why does the government take so long? I even sent a photo of my son crying because he did not have his electric chair and the little freedom his chair gives him, but no one cares. My electric is behind due to my week to week budget being disrupted by needing a pair of glasses or fixing the car. Food gets short, and we cannot get that extra from the food pantry. We have to wait 30 days for more. Do not get me wrong, God Bless the food pantry or we would have even less..."

The poor women had more to say but she became overwhelmed by her and her son's desperate daily struggle, she broke down in tears, clasping her face, saying, "I'm sorry." I told her not to be sorry for anything. She loved her son, worked hard and was doing her best, all alone. I made a call to several of our volunteers to help this overwhelmed mother. She was very grateful for assistance with food delivery and someone to talk to. Our volunteers were more than willing to help her with this. Together we also paid her rent and utilities to help relieve the stress.

When we completed our mission of doing God's work, the mother was much happier, the boy had his chair fixed, and the mother had gas vouchers, thanks to all of you who helped. I thank all of you for helping our poverty-stricken live a better life.

This letter brought back many memories of our beginnings. Our goals are still the same, to relieve the pains of poverty for those that are unable to help themselves. I learned a lot during the early years of our mission. I still feel the heartbreak and fear of those we help. I still cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. I still pray for each and every person we touch and those that we have not been able to touch yet. I always ask for the strength needed from God to continue on with our mission.

Thank you for your caring and sharing. You have helped to ease the pain and stress of poverty from another one of God's creations.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

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