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The Time is Now to Help
Summertime Foundation $5,000 matching grant = $10,000 poverty assistance

April 28, 2011

Thank you to everyone that contributed to The Summertime Foundation $5,000 Matching Grant. This matching grant enabled us to provide $10,000 in assistance to many struggling poverty stricken fellow Americans. These funds kept eight families from becoming homeless. The donations allowed six families to keep their lights and heat on. We helped a family get their car in running order to enable the father to keep his much needed job. We provided five families with gas cards for their cars. With gas prices so high, it is a daily struggle to keep gas in the car. We provided many families with food. The high cost of gas and utilities has cut into many families food budgets. The following is a breakdown of how your donations were put to work to help our fellow creations.

Thank you again for Caring & Sharing. Together we have eased the pains of poverty for our fellow creations. God Bless you for helping.


RENT = $5,037

With gas prices so high, budgets are stretched tighter than ever. Many were struggling before to pay their rent, often forgoing food and utilities, just to keep their children safe with a roof over their heads. Now it has become even harder to pay your rent or mortgage, especially if you have to commute to your job or for health care.

We assisted eight families with this much needed expense. We helped two families, struggling through cancer treatments, to stay secure in their homes. We helped a senior citizen who had recently undergone surgery to stay in his or her apartment. We helped several families trying to get by after loss of employment. We helped a family struggling with a recent disability, while they waited for their disability payments to be approved.

There are many reasons for homelessness, and it affects people in all walks of life. Many of these families never dreamed they would be asking for housing assistance. An illness, accident, job loss, tragedy, is all it takes to put any of our fellow creation in this position. We were able to alleviate some of the stress and suffering for these people, and the children and spouses that depend on them.

UTILITIES = Gas: $1,150; Electricity: $1,302

Now that spring is officially here, the utility disconnections have begun. We helped to prevent this from happening for six families. These families included senior citizens, children, and the disabled. It is very cold and dark in a home without gas or electric when the temperature is still only in the 50's. If you have ever gone camping this time of year, you know how cold and damp it can be. Can you imagine a senior citizen or child living in a dark home under these conditions? Can you imagine any fellow creation having to endure these conditions? I've seen these living conditions many times first hand and do not want to find anyone living in their homes with layers of coats on and no lights, refrigerator, or working stove due to their inability to pay their utilities. Thank you for your Caring and Sharing to keep these six struggling families in warm homes.

FOOD = $1,223.65

We provided emergency food assistance to seven families living with empty refrigerators and cupboards. Children were home for spring break and not in school where many obtain their only full meal of the day. Senior citizens struggle to pay for prescriptions, health care, and rent. Unemployment and illness affect many families' abilities to provide food for their children. Together, we have eased the pain of hunger for many.

TRANSPORTATION = Repairs: $787.35; Gas: $500

We had a car repaired for a family trying to keep their jobs. Car repairs are often put off until the vehicle is unable to be driven. It is a hard time for our fellow American's with gas prices so high. Now that many people pay as much for gas a month as half or more their rent, it is a constant struggle to pay other expenses. We have helped five families with gas and car repairs to allow them to pay other necessary bills or provide food for their children. Thank you for making this assistance possible through your generous support of The Time Is Now To Help.

TOTAL: $10,000

The Time Is Now To Help, and the many families, seniors, handicapped, and children we helped, are extremely thankful for all you have provided. Thanks to The Summertime Foundation $5,000 Matching Grant, matched with another $5,000 by our Caring and Sharing donors, we have eased the pain of poverty for many.

Every penny you donated, 100 percent, has been put to work to assist the poverty stricken with the daily necessities of life: food, utilities (gas & electric), shelter, gas, and car repairs. Together we were able to make a remarkable difference in all the lives we touched. I thank all of you, and the providers of The Summertime $5,000 Matching Grant, for your support to The Time Is Now To Help. Together we make a big difference helping our fellow creations of God.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now To Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now To Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

A Very Special Thank You: The Summertime Foundation, Kunes' Country Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Beach & Associates, Spiegelhoff & Associates, Badger High School FFA, Dick & Jean Honeyager, Martin O'Brien, Cynthia & Steven Hibbard, Barbara Habrel, Kelly King, Brian & Elizabeth Fanning, Pam & Jim Georgalas, Chris Georgalas for his senior project fundraiser, R. Gary Stollenwerk, Jill Perry, Larry & Vern Magee, John & Sandra Diestschweiler, Margarie Egger, Gerald & Kay Hinkelmann, James & Janice Batten, John & Barbara Kumbier, Steve Thornton, Marylyn Gasch, Kathleen Truesdale, Penny Gruetzmacher in honor of Chuck's birthday, Louise Habrel, Darrell & Joan Lang, Robert & Mary Jane Pyszka, Gerald & Joyce Byers, Richard Kawalec, Barbara & Lee Zuzanek, Geraldine Hinton, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring food pantries, ALL of you who support The Time Is Now To Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.

We Desperately Need Cars: Please donate a used car to help our fellow American's get to work and other daily necessities.

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