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Nuisance properties in Bloomfield

by Steve Targo

May 05, 2011

Bloomfield — Ten properties were on the Town Board's agenda for its regular meeting in April. Since then, one house was razed because it was deemed uninhabitable. Another raze order was expected to be served last week.

The owners of five of them are, according to Town Attorney Brian Schuk, repeat offenders.

"Some of these are zoning violations," Schuk said during an April 28 telephone interview. "Some of these people are storing what the town considers junk (and) some are zoned residential and the owners are using them as scrap yards."

Schuk said he will provide weekly updates on these 10 properties to the Town Board. He said once complaints about a number of properties were forwarded to him, he mentioned it at the April 4 meeting because of the potential cost to the town.

Schuk estimated the cost to clean each property between $30,000 and $50,000. But that's for cases in which the town may have to hire people to go in and physically clean these properties.

"The cleanups are the most expensive," Schuk said.

Below are breakdowns on the situations concerning these properties.

- N1320 Catalpa, owned by Richard and Traci Jacobsen: Schuk said the owners were cited and convicted in the town's municipal court. He said the owners are repeat offenders and the town will clean up the property.

- W1378 Bloomfield Road, owned by Peter and Lynn Stefan: According to Schuk, the owners were cited and the town will clean the property.

- N1524 Highway H, owned by Mary Ann Price: Schuk said this property has raised both nuisance and zoning issues. The zoning violation is being investigated, but according to Schuk, although there is a fence around the property, aerial photos fuel the suspicion it's a scrap yard. Also, there are photos of the property which were taken in March, back when there were no leaves on the trees. Schuk said the owner is a repeat offender.

- A lot without a residence on Camelia Road owned by Paul Zarnstorff. This lot is next to W806 Camelia Road, which is owned by Peter Zarnstorff. Both are the subject of complaints.

According to Schuk, people have complained about Paul's lot, which contains a structure believed to be a garage but is surrounded by a fence. However, complaints indicate there are more than 20 vehicles on the lot. Peter's property is being investigated for potential violations. "All the windows are painted," Schuk said. He added both are repeat offenders for nuisance property violations.

- W1146 Poinsettia Road, owned by Robert and Denise Johnson: Schuk said this may be a zoning violation case as well as a future raze order. It is believed the structure on the property is a garage which was converted into a residence, but it's being investigated.

- N2480 Tuskegee Drive, owned by Laura Garvey and San-Juanita Rodriguez: Although this came up at the April 4 board meeting, Schuk said the owners are expected to tear down the house soon.

- N2486 Giles Drive, owned by Myron Bojszuk: During an April 24 telephone interview, Mesler said neighbors complained about the state of the residence, which became uninhabitable. According to Mesler, the structure and its foundation went bad and the owner intended to rehab the house. "I think they realized they just bit off more than they could chew," Mesler said. The plumbing and electrical systems were failing, he said. Schuk said the raze order went through in December and the project should be out for bid soon.

- N1531 Powers Lake Road, owned by the Federal National Mortgage Corp.: Mesler said the structure is located in a floodplain and contained so much mold it was deemed uninhabitable. Schuk said the raze order is expected to go through soon. "That's an interesting one," he said. "It's in a floodplain and it's a small parcel. I don't know if the county will ever let anyone build on it again." Although the town of Bloomfield controls most zoning matters now, the county has the final say in matters affecting floodplains.

- W917 Green Road, owned by Talmer Bank and Trust, formerly known as First Banking Center: Schuk said this is the newest one on the list. According to him, the property was foreclosed on in December, but it's the subject of unsightly debris complaints. Schuk said the town is trying to work with the bank on fixing up the property.