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The Time is Now to Help
Hope restored for young adult

May 19, 2011

Dear W.C.,

I am feeling hopeless at 19 years old. I have been unable to find a job and support myself. I was in foster care for the last six years of my life. My father went to prison when I was 10 years old. My mother didn't bother to care for my sister and I after that. She drank heavily and neglected us. Soon her boyfriend was abusing us but she didn't seem to notice or care. I told my teacher at school how bad things were and we were taken away.

The first foster home we went to was not much better than home. I was moved again and ended up with a decent family until I turned 18. I do not know where my younger sister is. As soon as I turned 18 I was released from the foster care system and on my own. I do not feel prepared at all to be an adult. I have no family or friends to turn to. My foster family is having financial and health problems and can no longer help me. I have nowhere else to turn. Please give me hope for a better future.

Dear Readers,

Over the years there have been several fellow creations we have offered assistance to that were previous foster care recipients. They all seem to share the same feeling of being unprepared to face the responsibility of caring for themselves successfully. Many of these children suffered abuse, neglect, or terrible tragedy. Some of them do not have a safety net of family to fall back upon when they are thrust out into the world at 18 years old. A large percentage of these kids end up on welfare, in homeless shelters or prison as well. If they had the same support most of our children have, a family to rely on until at least 21 years old, I would think many of their futures would be brighter. I did not want the writer of this letter to struggle alone any longer. I called to speak to them immediately.

I called the number on the letter. It was answered by a young sounding woman. She was in tears immediately when I told her who was calling. She kept repeating, "Thank you, thank you, thank you ..." She began to jumble her whole story out in a rush, as often happens when people are in desperate situations. I found out she was living in her very old car for the past week. She had been sharing an apartment with a woman she had met and the woman had run out on her, not paying her portion of the rent or utilities. She could not make up the difference the other woman owed so she was evicted. She had been trying to get a better job but none would pay her enough to support herself. She was driving a very old car with bad brakes and tires. This car now was her home as well.

I agreed to meet her at a restaurant close by. When I arrived I saw a young girl that did not even look old enough to drive, much less be living on her own and homeless. I felt an overwhelming sadness knowing how protective I feel over all children. The thought of this young girl living in such a dangerous way was very distressing. After introducing myself I told her we were going to get something to eat, knowing she probably hadn't eaten a decent meal in quite some time. I was correct in that assumption because when our food was set down I noticed she was shaking and weak with hunger. She ate every bite of her food. I was relieved when I saw her restored energy and even her tears of thankfulness were better than her weak lethargy.

She talked about her parents, life in foster care, and life on her own. She had lived a very tough life, yet still seemed so innocent. I worried again for her safety and her being taken advantage of. I knew The Time Is Now to Help would have to do our best to help this young woman.

The next thing we did was go over her options for work. I made several suggestions she hadn't tried yet. I then supplied her with certificates for food, gas, and clothing. I also had an idea for a housing situation. There was a single mother we had recently helped that was looking for someone to rent a room to. I thought this would be a good situation for both of them, since they both needed a safe roommate. I called the single mother, who was an excellent mother and who I knew would take this young woman under her wing and guide her in a way only another caring woman could. She was thrilled I had found a young woman to live with her and she was looking forward to the companionship as well. We met immediately.

They took to each other right away. They talked for what seemed like hours. I watched as the young woman even played with the children. I knew this was going to work out well. She was invited to move in. The young girl was shocked, jumped up, hugged the woman and began to cry. I paid her first month's room and board to help both women. I also was very concerned about the condition of her car and had the necessary repairs done for her.

I called the following week to see how things were progressing. The women were getting along very well. Even the children were calling her Auntie. The single mother had put in a good word for her at her place of employment and they had agreed to hire the young woman on a trial basis. She has since proved her trustworthiness and has been hired full time. They even share a ride to and from work every day. This saves them both a lot on gas. The young woman has recently gotten in contact with her younger sister. She will soon be released from the foster system as well. The single mother has agreed when that time comes to offer the younger sister a place to stay while she goes to the local community college. I commended her for offering these young women the mothering they had never received as children. They were helping each other to live independently and safely. I thank all of you for your part in helping these women. Your caring and sharing has in turn shown them what it means to care and share for your fellow creations in need.

God bless them and all of you for Caring and Sharing. Together we make a big difference helping our fellow creations of God.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

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