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Burglary investigation leads to arrest for different crimes
Suspect allegedly behind thefts from vehicles

by Steve Targo

June 02, 2011

Geneva — Despite an arrest, town police continue to investigate three burglaries which occurred last month.

In an e-mail statement Thursday, May 26, Town Police Chief Steve Hurley said a 21-year-old Geneva Township man recently was charged with three counts of theft and drug-related violations.

But as for the burglaries which took place April 4, 17 and 20, the investigation continues.

The arrest was a development in this investigation, but the man was not taken into custody in connection with the burglaries.

The suspect was on probation from previous criminal convictions, according to Hurley.

"While we have not been able to actually charge anyone with the burglaries, we are confident that the arrest and incarceration of the current suspect will have a dramatic effect on the level of criminal activity in the town of Geneva," Hurley said. "The individual has been served with a notice of revocation by probation and parole and is currently awaiting a hearing. The suspect is facing a possible three-year prison sentence if the revocation is successful."

Last month, burglaries took place at three Geneva Township homes.

On April 4, at 8:20 p.m., a burglary at N3143 Kale Road was interrupted by the residents. The suspect fled the residence without incident.

Residents of W3804 Lakeview Drive also interrupted a burglary occurring there April 17 at 1:14 a.m. On April 20, a burglary occurred at N3094 Tamarack Road. At that time, the home was unoccupied.

"There were items of value taken in each burglary," Hurley said. "However, the items will not be identified at this time as the investigation is continuing."

He said after the burglaries, police officers conducted door-to-door interviews with neighbors in attempts to obtain information on the suspects.

Through the investigation, officers developed a suspect and recently accompanied probation and parole agents while conducting a home search at an unreported residence.

This was when authorities arrested a person, but for violations not connected with the burglaries.

"A small quantity of drugs and drug paraphernalia were located in the residence, which led to a charge of possession of a controlled substance as a repeat offender and possession of drug paraphernalia," Hurley said. "Additional items located in the home, coupled with the drug charges, led to the suspect being taken into custody on a probation violation. Further investigation (revealed) that items located in the home had been stolen in earlier incidents, all from parked vehicles in the town of Geneva. The suspect was subsequently charged with three counts of theft."

As the burglary investigation continues, Hurley urged residents to lock their doors and windows both on their homes and vehicles and report any suspicious activity to town police.

He said if town residents wish to start a neighborhood watch program in their area, contact the Police Department at (262) 248-9926.