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Everything you want to know about the newspaper, more

by Lisa Seiser

July 07, 2011

I know you want to learn all about fonts, right? Be honest. Are you sure, now?

Don't be silly, I'm not going to bore you with those "types" of details.

But seriously, the Regional News is embarking on a redesign of the newspaper and website. We've been working on these improvements for several weeks now. An unveiling of the new-look Regional News is a few weeks away and the website is being improved weekly. Make sure to check it out at

One thing for sure, I've learned more about fonts and type styles during the past few weeks than all my years in journalism.

Choosing fonts for the newspaper, including the Lake Geneva Regional News nameplate (the top of the front page of the paper where our name is along with the date of the paper and more) is not as easy as it might seem.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different type styles to choose from. Some are old school, some very modern. Some look like typewriter letters, others like clouds or balloons. Some have nuances, others are very plain. Some are thick, others thin. Some are narrow and tall and others are wide and fat. You get the picture.

You want to choose a font that is strong, with a little tradition, but classy as well. The words "Lake Geneva Regional News" can't be too big, but they can't be too small either. Should we give them a little life or leave them relatively plain? These are all decisions that have been made in the past several weeks.

Once that's determined, we have to figure out what information should be included in the nameplate. In most newspapers, the nameplate is relatively large. It has become larger over the years as more newspapers are putting small photos and other information about what's inside the paper above the name of the newspaper. That's an effort to entice people into buying the newspaper on the newsstands.

Because of the effort to sell more on the newsstands, oftentimes much of the focus of a redesign is on the front page and definitely the section fronts like Geneva Lake West and the Sports section.

Should the fonts on the section headers be the same as the Lake Geneva Regional News nameplate? If different, how much? How large should the words be and what amount of white space is the best?

This is just a taste of what it's been like during the past several weeks coming up with mock ups for the redesign.

It's been quite an education.

I hope this wasn't a bore and you learned something you may not have known before.

Seiser is the editor of the Regional News.