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Itís almost time for Venetian, Walworth County Fair

by Lisa Seiser

August 04, 2011

The heat is here. But, that also means ... I can't believe I'm going to say it ... summer is almost over. The months of May, June and July just flew by, didn't they?

It's already August and local students will be heading back to school in just more than four weeks. Teachers will be back at school earlier than that and the rest of us who try to get away and enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin summer almost have run out of time.

But, August also signifies some of the area's biggest and best events including Venetian Festival and the Walworth County Fair.

This coming weekend will be Genoa City Days and next weekend, Lake Geneva will be bustling with activity even more than usual with Art in the Park and the Lake Geneva Public Library Book sale. Venetian Festival follows the third week of August and then summer unofficially comes to an end with the Walworth County Fair set for the the first week of September.

While it is sad to watch another summer come to an end, this is the best time of the year in my eyes, and there is little doubt many of you reading also agree with that.

And why not?

Both Venetian Festival and the Walworth County Fair have activities for the entire family — amusement rides and games, good food and solid entertainment.

Organized by the Lake Geneva Jaycees, Venetian Festival promises to be another great fund-raising event, in which most of the money goes back to local community organizations. There are some local entertainers ready to perform, and of course, the event ends with the fireworks display and boat parade Sunday night. Throughout the week, there will be all of our favorite foods sold by the local organizations — including teriyaki and corn. Make sure you get there early before the teriyaki is gone Sunday night, and then head over to the beach and Library Park for the best locations to view the parade and fireworks.

Of course I enjoy Venetian each year, mainly the first and final nights of the event, but the Walworth County Fair has always been my favorite of the summer.

There are abundant amounts of amusement rides, food and entertainment at the fair. Those activities are a lot of fun, but most of all, I enjoy watching the children and teenagers and their animals. They spend months prior to the fair working with their pigs, sheep, cows, small animals and birds, readying them for judging. Then, once at the fair, that work continues as they have to keep their barn areas clean and prepare their animals and themselves for the judging events.

Many of the kids participate with their animals year after year. It is interesting to watch them grow up and mature. Sometimes they change so much, you can't even recognize them. I have also been able to watch multiple family members show their animals and have gotten to know them as well, especially those who breed champion animals.

The meat animal sale auction on Friday is perhaps the most important day for the kids and their animals. It is the day the champion and the the rest of the animals are sold, raising funds for the youngster's college funds or so they can purchase more animals for future fairs. The meat animal sale often is filled with emotion. Young people who have raised these animals and loved them for months, must show them for the final time. The kids usually smile while in the show ring in an effort to get the auction bids as high as possible. But, also there are tears shed now and then as the reality hits that the animals sold will be taken to slaughter in the next few days.

Of course, I've shared just a couple of my favorite activities at the fair. But, there are many other experiences to have at the six-day event, such as the demolition derby, harness races, musical entertainment, many items of all kinds for sale, other judging for art, photography, sewing, fruits and vegetables and anything else you can think of.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, we will let you know about the activities at Venetian Festival and the special events and entertainment at the Walworth County Fair. We want to make sure everyone is ready to let loose and finish the summer right.

Seiser is the editor of the Regional News.