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Texas man guilty of exposing himself online to 13-year-old girl

November 24, 2011

Elkhorn — A 22-year-old Texas man faces up to six years imprisonment after he had sexually explicit chats on Skype with a girl, who at the time was 13.

The criminal complaint states the Texas man and girl exchanged explicit photos and videos. Police were able to find the Texas man after using a subpoena to locate the man's IP address.

That man, Kirby D. Dunkin, now of Plano, pleaded guilty in Walworth County Circuit Court to a felony count of causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity.

The charges were filed in Walworth County because the victim was at her residence in Geneva Township while the crime was being committed.

Three other felony charges — two counts of exposing a child to harmful material and one count of causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity — were dismissed but read into the record.

Dunkin is free on a $20,000 surety bond, which was co-signed by his parents. Dunkin is scheduled for a Jan. 10 sentencing hearing.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police reviewed a chat log between a man who identified himself as Michael Dunn, but was later identified as Dunkin, and the child.

During a chat on Nov. 17, Dunkin writes to the girl, "ur pic was hot."

During this chat, the two also connected on Skype, which is a program that allows users to video chat in real time.

On Skype, Dunkin allegedly exposes and touches himself. He asks the girl to send him pictures of herself.

During a Nov. 18 chat, he asks the girl to send him more pictures. He also sends her sexually graphic messages.

In another chat Dunkin asks the girl "how young r u really..i don't care." The girl responds that she is 13 and in middle school.

Dunkin then asks the girl if she is a cop, and states, "cause are age difference is totally illegal for wat we been doing."

He also writes, "at this point I wouldn't care if u were younger than wat u are" and "u look 11."

He tells the girl he lives in Arkansas, but would drive to Wisconsin to meet her and have sex with her.

A detective with the Denison Police Department took a video taped statement from Dunkin.

During the statement, Dunkin admits he knew the girl he was chatting with was 13, and that he exposed and touched himself on video after he knew the girl's age.

Dunkin told police that he said he would drive up to meet the girl and to have sex with her.

Dunkin also reportedly said he knew what he was doing was illegal and the chat was explicit.