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The Time is Now to Help
Too close to homeless

January 05, 2012

We are very happy to announce a new matching grant opportunity for the New Year. Fox Charities has graciously offered a $25,000 Matching Grant to begin immediately. Thank you to Fox Charities for supporting our mission of providing assistance to the many poverty stricken children, senior citizens, elderly, and working poor in our midst. For every dollar you donate, it will be matched, doubling your impact of helping our fellow creations. What a wonderful way for The Time Is Now To Help to begin 2012.

Dear W.C.,

I am about to become homeless with my young son. I had to have emergency surgery a few months ago and it took much longer to recuperate than anticipated. I developed complications and had to go in for a second surgery two weeks after the first. I am not physically capable of returning to work. I have not received unemployment yet and I am waiting on food stamps and utility assistance. Housing assistance is not available to me. I will lose my apartment in two weeks and have nowhere to go with my 12-year-old son. Please help us.

A Worried Mother

Dear Readers,

This letter again brings to light the tens of millions of Americans who are living at or below the poverty level. If you are injured or have a health emergency, have little or no savings, what do you do to pay for food, housing, utilities, and other daily necessities. You have to wait for any assistance for several months, and by then you are hungry, cold, and homeless. You are also pursued by ruthless medical bill collectors. This is a problem I often find and needs to be addressed by our government. Until we have good jobs, with fair pay and health care, we will continue to see people struggling to survive.

This mother was very close to becoming homeless. I had to convince her landlord that we would provide rent assistance immediately. I tried to appeal to the landlord's compassionate side, but he was not financially capable. When landlords are financially able, I always try to touch their hearts with the goodness that The Time is Now to Help shares with all we come in contact with. I am able to reach caring people by bringing to light the pain and suffering their fellow creations are enduring.

We also repaired her broken car. The car would provide transportation for doctor visits, daily necessities, and be instrumental in her ability to go back to work and keep her job when she was finally able.

I talked to the mother about her health problems and job skills. The mother said she was feeling stronger every day and doing the exercises at home she had learned from her physical therapy while in the hospital.

I met the 12-year-old son and was impressed by the helpfulness he showed toward his mother. He was doing several chores while I was there visiting, without the mother even asking. When I commented on this the mother said he had been her only caregiver after her surgeries as she did not have any other family or friends. The young man had taken over most household duties and helped to care for his mother. The mother said she felt guilty for relying on him so much, but she had no choice. The son must have over heard her as he commented, "Mom, I like to help." She told me when they had food he brought her sandwiches. When there was laundry to be done he brought it to the laundry room and did it, no complaints or nagging.

When I spoke to the young man he told me his dream was to go to college and become a nurse. He told me how much he loved his mother and how she had always been there for him. He said he remembered when he was a little boy and his mother had stood up for him against his father when he would try to abuse him. He said he was glad his father wasn't there anymore to hurt him or his mother. This fact I was not aware of and it broke my heart to hear. I was proud of this mother for protecting her young son against the physical abuse from his father, even at the risk of being abused herself. The boy was much more capable of helping due to the fact he loved his mother so much.

After all our help, removing their fears of homelessness and having their car repaired, the mother held on to her son and cried tears of relief. A Big Thank You to everyone who helped us to provide this assistance through your caring and sharing support. Together we make a big difference in the lives of our fellow creations.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC/Sal Dimiceli Sr.

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now to Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now to Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

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