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District 6 primary candidates share views

by Chris Schultz

February 16, 2012

ELKHORN — Three of the four candidates on the ballot in the County Board's 6th District primary said they're running because they want to get involved in public service.

Candidates James Boardman, Tim Schiefelbein and Pat Clancy responded to the Regional News' primary questionnaire. Paul Fisher could not be reached for comment.

1. Why are you running?

* James Boardman, the only candidate with previous election experience, said he's also running because incumbent Kathy Ingersoll decided not to run this year.

Boardman, said he feels the need to re-enter elected office.

"I want to get involved," he said.

Boardman said there are no pressing issues at the county level.

"But the county is facing the problems of serving a growing population at a time when the economy is bad," he said.

Boardman said the County Board needs to keep services at an acceptable level without raising taxes.

* Schiefelbein, said he wants to repay the community for the help he received while he was ill.

"I am seeking this office as a way to repay the community for the incredible support shown my family and myself during my illness which led to my career ending with a disability in 2010," Schiefelbein wrote. "With my experience in county government at an administrative and provider level, I have a strong knowledge of the people and departments involved.

"I have worked in all communities in Walworth County and know many of the officials in them," he said.

* Clancy, 59, said he is running for County Board to "maintain and improve the programs offered by the county for the residents of Elkhorn and Sugar Creek."

2. What is the most

important issue?

* Boardman said he doesn't see any big issues facing the county right now.

* "I believe that the elimination of collective bargaining will have great impact on the way public employees are dealt with," Schiefelbein said.

"Personnel costs are always the major expense in government and I expect significant changes here as well in how employees are assigned and retained.

"Cost to taxpayers will be a major concern of the public but we must ensure that the high level of service we currently enjoy will continue."

* Clancy said county services to those in need are a priority.

"I want to work with the Health and Human Services Committe to make sure there is adequate funding and staffing," he said. "Can existing services be more effectively run and maintained ? Are there duplications of services?"

3. What would be your first priority?

* "I want to keep an open line of communications with the electors," Boardman said. n "My number one priority will be to maintain the high level of service we currently enjoy while maintaining or lowering the tax rate," said Schiefelbein.

"With my employment background, formal education, knowledge of county government and experience I will be able to pursue that priority.'

* Clancy said he wants to see more transparency in county government.

"I rarely see any news about the county in any of the print media," he said.

"We should take advantage of technology that is available for free," such as Facebook, websites and mailings.

Attempts to reach Fisher were unsuccessful.

Fisher has been before the County Board in support of gunowners' rights to carry concealed weapons. He opposed the ban on concealed weapons in county-owned buildings.