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Elkhorn teen found

April 12, 2012

Jeff, Keely and Teri Alder at the House of Hope in Kansas.
UPDATE: Friends and family members of Keely Alder have posted on Facebook that the missing teenager has been found. One friend posted "THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR HARD WORK!! God bless every one of you. Yeah, Keely has been found!"

MERRIAM, KS — The family of Keely Alder, a 15-year-old Elkhorn girl, is searching for her after she was last seen in Overland Park on Easter Sunday.

Keely reportedly ran away from a home she had been staying at in Kansas. She was last seen on Easter Sunday in a Walmart parking lot in Overland Park, which is near Kansas City.

On Wednesday afternoon, Keely's mother, Teri Alder, said she is absolutely frightened because no one has heard from her daughter since Sunday.

"We, as a family, are very concerned that she hasn't called anyone to the best of our knowledge," she said. "She hasn't called myself, my husband, not my friends, no friends. We have talked to key friends that we thought she would have known the number to call. There has been nothing. She hasn't contacted anyone and that is frightening. It is frightening when your child runs away, but is frightening when there is absolutely no communication.

What is further concerning to Teri and her husband, Jeff, is that Keely has no money or ways of communicating with other people.

"She is without resources, she doesn't have a phone, she doesn't have money, she doesn't have anything but the clothes on her back," Teri said.

Prior to running away, Keely was staying at the House of Hope, a home for struggling teenagers in the Overland Park area. Teri said the home is similar to Walworth's Agape House.

Teri said she last saw her daughter on Thursday and Friday and she was in good spirits. On Easter, the day she ran away, she received a text message from another parent about how good Keely was doing.

"I received a text message from one of the mom's telling me I giggled with your daughter, and telling me a cute story about giving my daughter a hug and how great and happy the girls were and then I get a phone call that she ran away," Teri said.

Although Keely said she seemed to be in good spirits, Teri said her daughter is impulsive.

On Easter, she slipped out the door at the House of Hope.

"It's a surprise to the staff at the House of Hope, and to us, because her disposition was not indicating that kind of unhappiness," Terri said.

Keely told some of the girls that she planned on running, but those girls didn't take her plan seriously.

"There wasn't an argument there wasn't an incident that precipitated. My daughter is impulsive she's been homesick and she wants, of course, to be home with her friends and family here," Teri said.

Teri said law enforcement in Kansas informed her that cadets will be going door-to-door in the area that Keely was last seen.

A website,, has additional pictures, information and a message for Keely.

"Keely, You need to know that no one is angry and you're not in trouble. We all just want to know that you are alright and what we can do to help you. Please call us or the Sheriff's Office. You are not in any trouble. We love you," a message on the site reads.

Authorities in Kansas have told media outlets that Keely has no known contacts in the area.

Anyone with information on Keely's whereabouts should immediately contact the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (474-8477) or the Merriam police at 913-782-0720 or 913-322-5566.