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Wilson back in as trustee

April 19, 2012

FONTANA — Trustee Cynthia Wilson didn't spend much time out of public office.

In the spring election, Wilson lost her bid for re-election by seven votes. However, Derek D'Auria, who narrowly edged her, announced he wouldn't be able to serve for professional and personal reasons.

On Tuesday night, during the Fontana Village Board's annual organizational meeting, the board appointed Wilson to the seat D'Auria would have held.

D'Auria earned 208 votes in the election to Wilson's 201. On April 3, 259 residents cast votes for first-time trustee Rick Pappas and 321 voted for incumbent Patrick Kenny.

Wilson is now entering her second two-year term.

Village President Arvid "Pete" Petersen had the option of nominating Wilson to a one-year or a two-year term.

If Wilson was appointed to a one-year term, a special election would be required in 2013. Petersen wanted to avoid that.

"She obviously was the next highest vote-getter," he said. "Not to mention, she has done a fine job."

In 2013, the majority of the board is up for re-election. If Wilson was appointed to a one-year term, five of the seven elected officials would run for re-election.

In 2013, trustees Thomas McGreevy, Bill Gage and George Spadoni are up for re-election. Petersen's term also ends that year.

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