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McKinley allowed to live in Texas

by Rob Ireland

June 07, 2012

ELKHORN — A former Williams Bay girl's basketball coach, who is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student-athlete, will be allowed to live in Texas with his family while he waits for a jury trial.

Shane S. McKinley, 27, of Delavan, faces four felony counts of possession of child pornography and a felony charge of repeated sexual assault of a child.

If convicted of all the charges, McKinley faces 165 years imprisonment and $600,000 in fines. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

During a Thursday morning bail hearing, McKinley's attorneys argued he has a larger support network in Texas, where his family lives.

"The case is a high-profile case with a lot of pre-trial publicity. The defendant's photograph has been in the newspaper many times as a result of the case," defense attorney Jeffrey Livingston wrote in a motion. "There is a significant negative attitude locally toward the defendant. The defendant does not have the support structure in Wisconsin that he would have in the state of Texas."

Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube, who is prosecuting the case, didn't object to the bond modification. Grube said McKinley has made all of his court appearances and, if he fails to return to Wisconsin, he could be extradited back.

Judge John Race questioned how McKinley would travel between Texas and Wisconsin. McKinley's other attorney, James Koepke, said McKinley would travel by plane, and his family has the financial means for this expense.

McKinley was scheduled for a three-day jury trial in July. However, there has been a scheduling conflict with one of the witnesses and the trial was moved to Nov. 12 through Nov. 14.

His next scheduled court apperance is July 19 for a motion hearing.