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Operations leave financial scars

June 28, 2012

Dear W.C.,

I am writing to see if you can help my family.

Two years ago my husband got very ill. He has had three operations. After the second operation he caught a staph infection at the hospital and almost died.

We feel it was preventable and we have been told by hospital staff it is cheaper for the hospitals to lose patients than to implement the necessary quality controls to prevent these infections from spreading.

I was a stay at home mother, caring for five children.

My husband always told me it didn't make sense for me to work outside the home because it would cost too much for child care. We are now in a financial mess. My landlord is trying to be understanding, but wants the rent paid up by the end of the month. He said after that he has no choice but to evict us.

The utility company was willing to set up a budget payment plan. I would not even have been able to feed my children last week if it wasn't for the food pantry. Can you please help us get through these tough times?

Family on the edge

Dear readers,

I met this family at the home they were renting. It was a modest size home considering how many children were living inside. I knocked on the door and it was answered by a teenage girl.

She asked who I was and when I answered I could see the surprise on her face. She called out to her mother and in a few seconds the mother was at the door. After I showed my identification she invited me inside.

The house was clean and orderly, considering how many people lived inside. The daughter introduced herself and the other four children. They ranged in age from 6 to 14 years old. They all politely greeted me.

The mother asked me to the kitchen to speak with her and her husband. The husband greeted me from his wheel chair with a warm smile, a gentle handshake, and tears in his eyes.

We talked about his illness and the 24 months he endured with three surgeries, many trips to intensive care, all leaving him in a wheelchair. The mother said, "The family love is what keeps us strong and together."

As with all my visits, I asked to look around the kitchen.

After a quick assessment of the kitchen I could see they were in need of food. There was hardly enough food to make it the next two days. The mother explained she had only $100 left in her checking account and another week until their next disability check. The husband's disability checks did not cover the many medical bills and high utility bills over the winter.

With that the wife broke into a sob that broke my heart. In between sobs she managed to say she had been holding all her fear and pain inside so she did not frighten the children. I told her she could share her pain with me, then she needed to be strong for her children again.

After several minutes passed, her crying and sobbing ceased with her husband comforting her, telling her how much he loved her, and apologizing for getting sick.

She stood by his side and hugged his head saying, "You are my life. You getting sick was not your fault. You have nothing to be sorry for." I spoke with them about The Time Is Now to Help and how all of us together would help them.

I reviewed their entire budget.

I suggested some adjustments, beginning with my call to their landlord. The landlord told me he owned several properties, with 25 percent vacancies, and another 25 percent of the tenants were extremely destructive to his properties. The landlord said the family we were helping were ideal tenants, as far as their upkeep of the home. He understood they were struggling to pay the rent each month.

At the conclusion the landlord agreed it would be better to give this family a 25 percent reduction in rent, knowing his rental home was being cared for. With that we brought the rent up to date, with the 25 percent reduction, and paid the next two month's rent as well. This would allow the family to get ahead, buy sufficient food, pay their utilities, and restore their pride.

After going over their checkbook register, their bank statements, utility bills, and medical bills, a budget was put together.

With a few adjustments we made a working budget. The mother and the husband looked at me bewildered, not understanding how together we all cared and shared to change their lives. I told them the credit goes to all of you who make our mission of helping exist.

The mother called in all the children to the kitchen.

The mother said, "Kids, I need to tell you about The Time Is Now to Help." She started crying again, unable to talk. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and relief from the pain and suffering of poverty knocking at their door. As the husband finished telling the kids about our organization,

The Time Is Now to Help, and our networking of good people, I watched the older children listen intently. The last thing I remember was the father concluding with his grateful tears, saying, "Please thank everyone for helping my family."

Once again, together we make our world a better place.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

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