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DA: Fatal shooting justified

by Chris Schultz

June 28, 2012

ELKHORN — After reviewing reports on the May 5 shooting of John Brown, 22, of 1463 Meadow Lane, in the Country Estates subdivision, town of Lyons, Walworth County District Attorney Phil Koss has determined the shooting was justifiable.

Sheriff's Deputy Wayne Blanchard, who fired the fatal shots, will be restored to full duty from administrative duty, according to a press release from Walworth County Sheriff David Graves.

Deputies arrived at Brown's home after his mother called to report that her son was suicidal.

Brown locked himself in his bedroom and would not let officers in. When Blanchard kicked the door in, Brown reportedly slammed it shut again.

When Blanchard opened the door again, Brown advanced on him with a knife. When Brown refused to drop the knife and kept advancing, Blanchard fired twice, mortally wounding Brown.

Following standard procedure, the state Justice Department's Division of Criminal Investigation investiged the shooting.

In a letter to James C. Holmes, criminal division special agent, Koss said a review of the investigation report led to his decision that Blanchard was justified in shooting Brown.

Sheriff's Deputy Such was also at the scene at the time of the shooting, and did have his Taser unholstered. But Koss indicated that the close quarters within the Browns' mobile home made it almost impossible for Such to use the Taser.

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