Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

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More than 200 grams of pot seized at Phish concert

July 05, 2012

Lafayette Township — The Walworth County Sheriff's Department seized more than 200 grams of marijuana at a Phish concert last weekend at the Alpine Valley Music.

Police cited 85 people for possession of marijuana, 21 people were cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and one person was arrested for possession with intent to deliver.

About 37,000 people attended the two-day concert.

In addition to the drug citations police also issued tickets for:

Fireworks — 2

Disorderly Conduct — 5

Simple Battery — 1

Underage Alcohol Consumption/Possession — 7

Trespassing — 2

Littering — 1

Speeding — 9

The Walworth County Drug Enforcement unit issued an additional six disorderly conduct citations.