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Accident wreaks havoc for women

September 06, 2012

Dear W.C.,

My friend was hit by a car six months ago.

The accident was caused by an inattentive driver that swerved and hit my friend while she was riding her bike to work.

She has suffered greatly due to her injuries. The driver of the car was not insured.

My friend did not have health insurance. She has lost her job and ability to work due to this accident. She has many months of rehabilitation left until she can look for a job again. She still needs more surgery but maintains a very positive attitude.

I know she is struggling to pay her bills. If it wasn't for the generosity of her few friends and small family she would not even be able to eat. The only family she has left is a younger sister that is a single mother and her mother that is widowed.

I know for a fact they are just getting by and not able to care for my friend. Please help my friend as she continues to face a rough road ahead.

A caring friend

Dear readers,

I contacted the friend to ask for more details. They did their best to answer some of the questions I had. After learning more about the friend's ordeal I knew she was in need of The Time Is Now to Help. We arranged for a meeting.

It turned out the friends were living together. The friend had moved in after the accident, and after she was released from the hospital.

The friend had committed to caring for her friend during her long recovery. This included driving to doctors visits, cooking, bathing, and much more. It was very labor intensive work that only a caring and sharing friend could offer.

The friend said, "What else could I do? There is no one else that is capable." I asked about the mother and sister but the friend said they were not capable of helping any more than an occasional shared meal. The friend still had her apartment and had to keep paying her rent per the lease.

The injured friend shared with me the details of her injuries and the long recovery process. She still walked with a walker and had visible scars. She said the pain was easing some with each passing week.

The inattentive reckless driver that hit her spent 30 days in jail, paid some fines and did some community service. If only the friend got away from this accident so easily.

I reviewed both women's budgets.

There was no way they could financially survive while paying two rents and two sets of utility bills. After a heartfelt talk with both of the women I knew there was no doubt the friend wanted to stay and continue to help.

I offered to call the landlord for the friend. When she agreed, I called and told the landlord who I was and why I was calling. He knew of The Time Is Now to Help.

After I explained the situation and the extent of injuries and care involved, he agreed to let the friend out of her lease. The landlord was very generous and wanted to help. I put the helping friend on the phone with the landlord. She was so thankful, she cried.

The landlord again voiced his desire to help. We helped bring the injured woman's rent and utilities up to date. We made sure she had applied for all assistance. The two women were very thankful for removing their financial fears.

The kind friend told us she had just finished schooling for her degree and was now looking for a much better paying job. She said she would continue to care for her friend.

If only all people struggling with disabilities and injuries had such kind friends willing to give of themselves so selflessly.

While we could not remove the physical pains we were able to remove the pains of poverty.

Hunger and fear of homelessness are a very real pain. Living without utilities and transportation can be very stressful, especially if you are disabled or a senior citizen and in need of medical care. Disability and social security payments often are not enough to save our fellow Americans from these pains. We thank all of you for making this assistance possible.

Once again, together we make our world a better place doing God's good works.

Health and Happiness, God bless everyone, W.C./Sal

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