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Village wants input on refuse collection

by Jade Bolack

October 11, 2012

WALWORTH — At least one Walworth resident doesn't want the village to change its garbage and recycling removal services.

Currently, the village holds a contract with Keizer and Sons Disposal for garbage collection and another contract with Johns Disposal for recycling collection.

With the hope of cutting costs, the village board requested area garbage and recycling businesses submit bids for collection within the village.

Peter Kahl, village resident, said he supported keeping the current service in place.

"I would ask the village board to renew the waste disposal contract with Keizer and Sons," he said during the general services committee meeting Oct. 4. "In the last two years, Keizer and Sons has done a good job with our trash removal as they have done for over 40 years."

Kahl said finances should not be the only factor in deciding on a contractor.

"The cost to the village to purchase the cans (for an automated system) would be large," he said. "Many residents like their own trash cans."

The village accepted bids for automated or manual garbage and recycling collection.

"The five-year contract is too long. I know this is a financial decision as well as a services decision. Keizer and Sons has been good for our village both financially as well as providing very good services."

Reading from a letter to the board, Kahl said residents have many reasons for wanting to keep the current contract in place.

"Supporting small businesses against large corporations is vital to our well being," he said. "Once the small businesses are not competing for business, the large corporations will tell us what to pay."

Decision time

Bids were opened at the Oct. 4 committee meeting, and four companies submitted proposals for collection.

Keizer and Sons submitted the same costs as the current contract with the village, for garbage collection only .

ASDA Enterprises Inc., Veolia and Johns Disposal also submitted bids for automated garbage and recycling collection.

Bids ranged from $16 per month per unit down to $12 per month per unit.

Keizer and Sons' bid for just garbage collection is $10 per month per unit.

Although renewing contracts with the current contractors is an option, general services committee members have said they would like to see an automated system take the place of the current manual system.

Trustee Kent Johnson and Police Lt. Andy Long said they were very satisfied by the current collection process.

"One thing about Johns and Keizer (and Sons) working together, they are both in and out of here so quick during the day," Long said.

"Johns record has been good on what they've been doing on the recycling," Johnson said. "We need to look at if we want to continue with the small garbage cans and recycling bins. It looks like Johns could do it with the carts."

Committee indecision

The general services committee passed the bids to the finance committee without making a recommendation for next year's contract.

Members of the finance committee discussed the bids and potential cost savings for 25 minutes Oct. 8.

Trustee Todd Watters called the decision "a no-brainer."

The annual cost with Johns, using biweekly recycling collection is $116,563.

Based on the current service split with Johns and Keizer and Sons, there is an annual savings of $17,156 for the village.

Johnson said he hasn't decided.

"I personally would prefer to have the bins," he said. "It's neater. The lid stays on... There's also the issue of the loyalty and the excellent service we've received from Keizer forever. We kind of hate to lose (them)."

Jack Keizer, owner of Keizer and Sons, suggested the board stick with what works.

"I've been working with Walworth since 1967," he said. "We're really small. I have myself and three sons. Every once in a while, I hire some help."

Johnson swayed toward financial reasons toward the end of the discussion.

"It's a no-brainer like (Watters) said because we'll have a considerable amount of money with Johns," he said.

Resident feedback

The whole village board discussed the bids but didn't make a decision.

Rasmussen asked for feedback from village residents regarding automated pickup, bin changes and recycling pickup schedules.

Village residents are welcome to email the board with comments at before Oct. 22.

A special meeting of the board will be called after the feedback deadline to decide on a garbage and recycling collection contract.