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Necci is now Walworth County DA

by Rob Ireland

October 11, 2012

ELKHORN — It wasn't so much a question of if Dan Necci was going to become the next district attorney, but more a matter of when. That question was answered Friday Oct. 5, when Necci took the oath of office and was sworn into the position. He was appointed to the job last week by Gov. Scott Walker.

The former district attorney, Phil Koss, is now a Walworth County Circuit Court Judge.

Necci won the Republican primary in September and, without any other candidates running in the general election, was basically assured the job.

Technically, Necci still needs to win the November general election to earn his four-year term.

On Friday, Necci was sworn into office by State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in front of a crowd of Walworth County judges, prosecutors, police officers, supporters, family members, state legislatures and even defense attorneys.

"I'm going to quote the New York Jets backup quarterback, 'I'm excited. I'm really excited,'" Necci told supporters.

During a brief speech, he thanked the people in the room.

"I'm not going to be able to make many promises to you today, which is crazy for someone who ran for political office and won. I can't," Necci said. "The challenges that are going to face us are so fluid and so different on a day-to-day basis that I can't make many promises, but I can make two."

The first promise was that everyone in the office would seek truth and justice.

"My second promise is that I, as your district attorney, everyday and in every action that I take will seek the will and glory of God Almighty," he said.

During the ceremony, Necci's pastor, Doug Anderson of Calvary Community Church in Williams Bay, gave an opening prayer.

After the prayer, Gableman addressed the crowd.

"Wisdom and discernment are what we all pray for for our friend Dan Necci because he is going to need that," Gableman said. "He is going to need it because, I don't believe that there is any job in the legal profession, I don't believe there is any job that a lawyer could have that is more rigorous and that more routinely calls upon it and challenges the deepest reserves of the lawyer, who is privileged to hold that position, than an efficient and effective district attorney."

Other high-ranking state officials also have supported Necci.

"Tomorrow our new district attorney is going to be sworn in," Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said during an event at the Grand Geneva Resort Oct. 4. "Dan Necci is going to be a huge advocate for the children of this county."

For the past three weeks Necci has worked as a special prosecutor in the office.

When Necci addressed the crowd after being sworn into office, he said he learned a lot about the county's prosecutors and praised their work and dedication.