Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

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Modernizing downtown traffic lights
Street signals down for hi-tech refit

by Chris Schultz

November 01, 2012

Drivers better heed the stop signs at the corners of Main and Center and Main and Broad streets this week.

It's the only signal they'll get.

The three-light traffic signals are down while new signal equipment is installed.

In July, the Lake Geneva City Council approved a low bid of $124,805.50 by Pieper Electric Co. Inc., Milwaukee, to install the new traffic lights.

Work on the new signals began Oct. 22. The work is expected to take several weeks, according to the city's website.

Work is being done in stages, and will involve sidewalk removal, signal removal, concrete replacement, signal wiring, installation of new equipment and then start-up of new signals, the website reports.

Under contract, all work on the traffic signals is expected to be completed by Nov. 28.

Public Works Director Dan Winkler has said that the proposed new traffic signals would include turn arrows for traffic going north and south on Center Street.

According to bid documents, the work also includes a safety "button" that changes lights to green immediately when approached by a fire truck, police car or ambulance responding to an emergency.

The proposed improvements were the result of a traffic study done last year by Crispell-Snyder.

A Crispell-Snyder report to the city indicated that the traffic signals at the intersections of Main and Center and Main and Broad streets were installed in 1981 and 1991.

Traffic light control technology has significantly improved since then, the report said, and updating traffic signal operations might improve traffic flow.

Among the improvements is communication between the intersections, which can change timing of the traffic signals to improve traffic flow.

Anyone with questions or special needs should contact Seth Ricker, construction services manager for Crispell-Snyder (262) 348-5600 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Those who cannot reach Ricker should contact Winkler at (262) 248-2311.