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New alleged victim in McKinley case

by Rob Ireland

November 15, 2012

ELKHORN — A former Williams Bay JV Basketball coach is now accused of sexually assaulting a second child.

Shane S. McKinley already faced one felony charge of repeated sexual assault of a child and five counts of possession of child pornography.

The Delavan Police Department and the Walworth County Sheriff's Department are recommending three new counts of sexual assault of a child and 18 counts of possession of child pornography to the Walworth County District Attorney's Office. For months police have been reviewing computers, phones and other electronic equipment that was taken in December 2011 from McKinley's Delavan apartment.

Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube has not formally filed new charges against McKinley and is in the processes of reviewing the evidence sent to him by police.

"The information that came in is substantial," Grube said. "There is a lot of additional evidence I need to go through. There are a lot of new charges that are referred over."

McKinley was scheduled for a November jury trial on the five charges that were filed against him, but that has been cancelled. Without any new charges, McKinley already faced up to 165 years imprisonment.

Grube said the defense requested the trial be continued and the district attorney's office didn't object because of the potential new charges.

In December of 2011 McKinley was accused of having a sexual relationship with a player on the team he coached. The girl was 15 at the time .

Images of the juvenile were allegedly found on McKinley's cell phone. In December 2011, police searched McKinley's apartment and confiscated several pieces of electronic equipment.

Grube said he couldn't comment on the age of the second alleged victim, or whether she attended Williams Bay High School.

After the incidents came to light in December 2011, McKinley was immediately dismissed from his coaching job. He had coached one year prior to the alleged incidents.

McKinley is free on bond as he awaits trial and is living in Georgetown, Texas.

What's the next step in the case?

"The lawyers have to review the new information and then we are going to continue to talk about any resolution or a date will be set for trial," Grube said.