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Premature baby challenges budget
Fox Charities offers matching grant

December 20, 2012

Again Fox Charities has graciously offered a $25,000 matching grant to begin immediately.

Thank you to Fox Charities for their continued compassionate support of our mission to provide assistance to the many poverty stricken children, senior citizens, elderly, and working poor in desperate need of help. Fox Charities is working hard with The Time Is Now to Help to ease the pains and suffering of poverty for our fellow creations. For every dollar you donate, it will be matched, doubling your impact of helping our fellow creations.

Again this week our nation is forced to grieve the loss of innocent children and adults. We will never understand what kind of madness and evil brings someone to do such an unspeakable act. This event really brings to light how we are all one world, one country, one community.

We are all affected by the pain and suffering so deeply felt in Connecticut. It may be through our prayers and tears we share in their grief. It may be in giving an extra hug and letting your loved ones know how much they do matter to you.

It may bring you to action by contacting our government officials to be sure this tragedy never happens again. Everyone at The Time Is Now to Help has been deeply affected by this tragedy. We will continue to do all we can to protect children and adults in our communities.

And we will continue to pray for peace in an ever more violent world.

Dear W.C.,

Can you please help my daughter and her family? She gave birth to a son that was premature over a month ago.

The baby has been struggling to live with my daughter and son-in-law by his side every day. He is in a hospital in Milwaukee, so they are putting many miles on their car driving back and forth daily.

I am staying at their apartment to help care for my 4-year-old granddaughter.

My son-in-law has not been able to return to work full-time yet due to the baby. They are so worried they will lose him, and they will not be there with him. I heard my daughter and son-in-law talking about their bills piling up yesterday.

They are behind in this month's rent and utility bill because they needed the money for gas and a car repair. I have been helping with food costs and cooking for them but this is really stretching my fixed income, too. I will not be able to help much more or I will be unable to pay my own bills this month. Please pray for my grandson and family.

Worried grandma

Dear readers,

I called the grandmother to find out more details. She provided me with a cell phone number but warned me there weren't many minutes on it as they had to lower their bill.

They also would not be able to answer if in the room with the baby due to the many monitors on him. I called the number and left a message for them to call me back if they would like to talk.

I explained the grandmother had written a letter requesting assistance for them because the grandmother told me she had not confessed to writing a letter because her son-in-law was, as she put it, "An extremely proud man."

The daughter called me back about an hour later. She said she had talked to her mother to get an explanation. I explained who we were and what we do in a little more detail. I could hear her crying on the other end.

I asked if she was OK and she replied, "I never thought a complete stranger would call to offer us help. We have been so worried about our son that everything else lost importance, until we realized if we did not keep up with our bills, our whole family could end up homeless.

It has been so frightening, on top of the fear over losing our baby." I asked about their employment and outstanding bills. The mother had to quit her job in her third month of pregnancy due to a high risk of preterm labor. She had been on bed rest, but the baby still had come very early.

Her husband was having to work extra hours when he could get them just to barely pay their bills, but they had been getting by until the baby came early. The father had been traveling back and forth while the mother stayed at the hospital. When they had a bad report from the nurses at the hospital the father would miss work completely.

This really affected their budget for the last month as they no longer had the mother's income or any savings left. They were down to one car, having sold the second car when they could no longer make the payments.

The mother said, "Thank God my mother is able to care for our daughter and help us with food or we would not be able to survive this. She packs us lunches to eat at the hospital and cooks for our daughter every day. We are so grateful to her. And now she has brought you here to help us, too." We set up an appointment to talk the next day.

The next morning I called to see if we could meet and they said they could. I went immediately, knowing their time with their son was very important. I was greeted at the door by the whole family, grandma, the mother and father and their adorable 4-year-old daughter.

After I introduced myself to all of them, the daughter said to me, "Do you know I have a little brother too? My mommy says he is too little to come home yet. He needs to be bigger so he can play with me." I was glad they had shared with the daughter all she needed to know at her young age, without the stress and worry.

After a conversation with the grandma and granddaughter I went right to work going over the budget with the father and mother.

I could see they were just getting by, with cutting back in many areas, before the early arrival of their son. There was nowhere else to cut back.

Their cell phone was minimal minutes, no cable, they were being very frugal with food and utility usage, no meals out or unnecessary driving. They just could not pay this month's rent and utilities, along with the upcoming month now that they were behind.

I told them we would pay their past due and upcoming month's rent and utilities to give them a reprieve until they got past the medical emergency with their son. I then asked them how their son was doing.

They both were tearful but yet very hopeful for his full recovery. I told them their little boy was very lucky to have such devoted, loving parents. I promised them we would pray for their baby.

Checking in with the family the following month I was happy to find out their son had been able to come home. The father was back at work and the mother and grandma both cared for the children at home. They were so grateful for our caring and sharing assistance that saw them through a very difficult time.

Together, we make our world a better place doing God's good works. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Health and happiness,

God bless everyone,


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