Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

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Was Puggle poisoned?

January 24, 2013

WILLIAMS BAY — A woman believes her pet was intentionally poisoned while playing in her fenced in backyard on Orchard Street.

Leslie Kane said she let her beagle and pug mix, Puggle, out to exercise on Jan. 3 for about two hours.

Up until then the 5-year-old pooch was as "heathy as a horse," Kane said. However, when the dog came back inside he was sick and was vomiting. Kane reports that the dog vomited out an unusual plastic-type material.

By the next day Puggle was gone. Before Puggle died, Kane attempted to save him by performing CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Kane sent a sample of the rag that the dog vomited onto and a piece of the unusual material to be tested for poison. Kane said she received a phone call from the lab confirming that the items tested positive for poison and she is now waiting for a written report.

She isn't the only one waiting for that report. Kane said she reported the incident to the Williams Bay Police Department.

On Friday, officer Daniel Lauderdale confirmed he received a complaint from Kane. However, he is waiting for a written toxicology report before an investigation begins.

"It can be any number of things. It could be a plant ingested by the animal. We just don't know until the toxicology reports are received back," Lauderdale said. "It could be household chemicals that were inadvertently consumed by the animal without the owner knowing. We don't know, yet."

In the meantime, Kane said she is watching her other pooch, a yellow lab named Lucky, like a hawk whenever he steps outside.

"I'm really quite paranoid that he is going to be hurt, too," Kane said.

Kane initially suspected a domestic abuser from her past — she said she was comfortable stating that publicly because than she also was speaking out against abuse.

However, she is now suspicious of others.

Part of that suspicion is fueled from a conversation she had with her landlord, who previously lived at the property. Kane said after Puggle died she spoke to her landlord, Joe Ward.

According to Kane, Joe Ward said two of his dogs died while he lived at the property. Kane described the deaths of one of the dogs as similar to Puggles.

However, Joe's wife, Laura, told the Regional News that the cause of death of one of the dog's wasn't clear, but she suspects that dog got into chocolate.

Kane said she hasn't had any disputes with her neighbors, and asked the police if anyone had complained about her dog barking.

Lauderdale said the police department hasn't taken any complaints about barking dogs or at-large dogs at the Orchard Street residence.

Kane said she doesn't believe someone may have been attempting to poison varments, such as raccoons or opossum, and accidently poisoned her dog.

Kane's yard where the dog plays isn't accessible from the sidewalk.

What type of person would have killed a dog? According to Kane, a "sociopath."