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Postmaster has suggestions

by Valerie Heth

May 16, 2013

Are you or someone you know planning a special event or wedding?

Did you know USPS has a variety of postage for weddings, family gatherings and other special events?

For your special invitations this year we have "Wedding Roses" which shows two elegant white roses, "Sealed with Love" stamp which shows an envelope that shows a heart impressed into a wax seal, we have the "Neon Celebrate" stamp which is like fireworks in the night sky and the "Where Dreams Blossom" stamp which shows a stylized drawing of a floral bouquet. We still can order in a supply of the "Love Ribbons" stamps which spells out love with a ribbon. All of these stamps are forever stamps good for the first ounce.

It is always a wise idea to bring the invitation you have chosen to use to your local post office so they can weigh it and let you know what you will need for postage. Some invitations are heavier than the one ounce and would therefore need additional postage.

If this is the case USPS has two choices of 66-cent stamps that are suitable for weddings.

Some invitations are square in shape and these also require additional postage. If letter-sized they need a non-machinable surcharge and if large envelope-sized may need considerable more postage than a letter.

This will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of mailing off invitations postage due to your guests.

Next time you are planning a special event, make your local post office your first stop.

Valerie Heth is the Pell Lake Postmaster.