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Where your money went
Time Is Now breaks it down

by Sal Dimiceli

June 06, 2013

The Second Summertime Foundation $10,000 matching Grant = $20,000 in poverty assistance

We were so surprised and honored when The Summertime Foundation offered us a second $10,000 matching grant in 2013. Our wonderful donors responded with their generosity, matching the second grant as well. This matching grant enabled us to provide $20,000 in assistance to our struggling fellow Americans. Your donations, combined with The Summertime Foundations matching funds, prevented many poverty stricken from experiencing homelessness, loss of transportation, lack of utilities, hunger, and other daily necessities for our fellow creations. Thank you for your continued support of our mission The Time Is Now to Help and thank you for caring and sharing. Together we have eased the pains of poverty for many in desperate need. God bless you for helping.

This is how we helped

Rent = $10,780

This continues to be our largest area of assistance. Many evictions were prevented, several single mothers were provided emergency housing in motels, senior citizens were able to breathe easier knowing they would not be facing homelessness. Your donations, matched by The Summertime Foundation, provided this much needed support.

There are so many different reasons for homelessness; job loss, illness, accidents, disabilities, loss of spouse, etc. We have seen every reason and wrote many columns concerning them. Together, "our" compassionate caring and sharing is what prevented these people from experiencing the horror and shame of living in a car or on the streets. If we were not there to provide this service to our fellow creations they would not have the comfort of a bed and roof over their heads. God bless all of you for allowing us to continue our good works to prevent homelessness.

Utilities = $4,150

Gas = $1,950 + Electric = $2,200

We have seen so many young people struggling with such tragic illnesses and disabilities. We have written letters about a few of them already; kidney disease, cancer, bone disorders... It seems we are seeing more severe diseases at younger ages. The tragedy of having to choose either your treatment or your utilities should not be part of managing your illness, but sadly it is. I continue to see people of all ages choose to skip medications in order to pay their utilities. I continue to see children living in homes without hot water or lights. It is a reality throughout our communities and our great nation. Together, we are removing the pains of poverty with our care, compassion and help.

Food = $1,166.97

Finding empty refrigerators and cabinets is not just part of my weekly newspaper column. It is a daily reality for many. Almost every home I visit lives with a certain level of hunger. Have you ever really experienced hunger on a daily basis? Have you ever known your children were hungry, yet did not have food to feed them? Together, we filled many of those empty refrigerators and cabinets. Families, senior citizens, single mothers, the disabled and children say, thank you.

Transportation = $3,903.03

We again provided car repairs through Mike's Auto Repair for five cars. We also paid car payments for four families whose cars were about to be repossessed. We also assisted many people with gas cards. Gas prices continue to be very high and it is a struggle for all our fellow Americans to pay for gas to get to work. All the help you provided removed the stress of not being able to get to work, possibly losing their jobs, and other day to day necessities such as: getting food, medical care, school, etc. thank you for making this assistance possible through your generous support of The Time Is Now to Help.

Total = $20,000

The working poor families, senior citizens, the handicapped and children we offered our compassionate assistance, are extremely thankful for all you have provided. Thanks to The Summertime Foundations second $10,000 matching grant, matched with another $10,000 by all of you, our Caring and sharing donors, we have eased the pains of poverty for many fellow creations in desperate need.

As always, every penny you donated, 100%, has been put to work to assist the poverty stricken with the daily necessities of life: food, utilities (gas and electric), shelter and transportation. Together we were able to make a remarkable difference in all the lives we touched. I thank all of you and the providers of The Summertime Foundations second $10,000 Matching Grant, for your support to The Time Is Now to Help. Together we make a big difference doing our good works of God.

Health and happiness,

God bless everyone,


Please help

There are many living in the fear of poverty, struggling daily to provide food, shelter, toiletries, gas, electric. These are our fellow creations. Please help me to share our compassion and remove the pains of poverty. Presently the Fox Charities have stepped up to offer a $25,000 matching grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched by another, doubling your help to those in desperate need, removing their pains of poverty. Please help our fellow creations.

New mailing address

Make checks payable to:

The Time Is Now to Help

P.O. Box 1

Lake Geneva, WI 53147

The Time Is Now to Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing how your donation provided assistance for the poverty stricken.

Thank you

The Summertime Foundation, Fox Charities, Dick and Jean Honeyager, Mark and Natalie Reno, Kunes' Country Auto Group, Paul Ziegler/Ziegler Charitable Foundation, Lake Geneva Area Realty, Petco Foundation, Wickstrom Auto Group, Southeastern Monitoring, East Troy Lioness Club, Sharon United Methodist Women, Joy Oleston, Charles and Penny Gruetzmacher, Dorothy Tookey, Margarie Egger, John and Violet Hotzfeld, Gregory Swanson, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring food pantries, all of you who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.

Chris Ann's Resale Shop

I will continue to ask Chris Ann's Resale shop for furniture and household necessities to help our poverty stricken fellow Americans. If you have anything you would like to donate please call (262) 348-9088. They are located at 406 Hwy. 120 North, Lake Geneva, WI, in the old Floor Store building across from the Next Door Pub. Look for the American Flags.

We desperately need cars:

Please donate a used car to help our fellow American's get to work and other daily necessities.

Please visit: