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Deputies, firefighters rescue two from White River

July 04, 2013

Walworth County Sheriff's deputies rescued a trapped kayaker and canoeist from the White River Wednesday afternoon at about 3:52 p.m..

The deputies found the two people pinned up against a large log about a mile away from Sheridan Springs and Short Road. The current was strong and the victims were in obvious distress, according to a press release from the Walworth County Sheriff's Department.

The Lyons Fire and Rescue Units also responded to the incident.

Adriane M. Granlund's kayak overturned, and she was swept down the river. Jim M. McKay, 48, of Lake Villa, Ill., came across Granlund, 29, of Elkhorn, while he was canoeing.

McKay attempted to free Granlund from the log, but his canoe became swamped. Granlund found himself pinned against the same log. The White River was swollen due to the large amount of rain in the area.

Deputies threw ropes and floatation devices to both Granlund and McKay, and they were eventually able to pull them from the river.

When she was rescued, Granlund was showing signs of distress and early onset hypothermia. She was rushed by ambulance to Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington. Her current condition is unknown, according to the press release.

Three of Granlund's friends were kayaking in three other kayaks. They are identified as Kyra M. Brown, 24, of Elkhorn; Catherine R. Choyce, 29, of Elkhorn and Shiloh M Graske, 28, of Delavan.

McKay, Brown, Choyce and Graske were checked out by EMTs at the shoreline and were released.

"The sheriff's office wishes to remind everyone that entering any fast moving body of water right now is very dangerous," the sheriff's department press release said. "What was once a slow moving creek or river is now a much different body of water to navigate or swim or fish in."