Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

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New gym built, old gym transformed at East View

by Kelly Meyerhofer

July 25, 2013

People describe Wisconsin weather as almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. From the looks of Eastview Elementary School, it's clear to Wisconsinites that construction season, er, summer is certainly under way.

A stroll through Eastview school with principal Drew Hablesma revealed what has been completed in just over a month. While the construction started on the first day of summer vacation, the new gym expansion began in March.

But Eastview is not getting just an athletic addition to the north end.

The old gym has been transformed into a library complete with four large windows. The staff lounge, special education room and new computer lab have been constructed. The ceiling and flooring have been ripped out and the new gym received fresh paint on July 10.

All of the renovations are to accommodate the grade readjustment between Eastview and Central Denison next school year. Both schools currently house K4 through fifth grade. Come September, fourth- and fifth-graders will spend their days at Eastview while the younger students will be taught at Central-Denison.

"We were ahead of schedule. The rain set us back a bit in June so we had to get the moisture out so the wood floors wouldn't buckle," Hablesma said. "But we're still on schedule."

For now, Hablesma identifies the next two weeks as very important. The new carpeting and ceiling will be installed. In mid-August, Eastview will get new furniture.

The heavily-talked about new gym will mirror Star Center School's gym and will seat 350 people, said Hablesma.

The addition will complement the new intramural sports program. Eastview students will have the opportunity to participate in basketball, track, cross-country and volleyball.

It's not just Hablesma who is excited for the coming school year's new offerings.

Central Denison principal Betsy Schroeder said the transition will be an improvement for both schools and provide greater opportunities for collaboration and instructional improvement.