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50 project progresses without many complaints

July 25, 2013

GENEVA — Ed Brzinski, the administrator at Woods School, said he was nervous about the Highway 50 project.

"There's a difficult traffic situation at pickup time for us," he said, adding there are "quite a few cars" at the start and end of each school day.

Woods School is at the corner of Highway 50 and Snake Road. It's likely the reason why there's a lot of traffic in that intersection.

Add to that the concerns over workers tearing up chunks of road and the Department of Transportation temporarily reducing the four-lane highway to two lanes, it's understandable that Brzinski would be nervous.

But he had nothing but good news to report last month.

"We've been fortunate and I think the increased patience, people driving slower, has certainly helped," Brzinski said.

He said he has received no complaints and experienced no major headaches from the project.

"I think being involved with the DOT early on and talking to them, they've taken into consideration the needs of this intersection very well," Brzinski said.

He said the DOT has been communicating with Woods.

Attempts to obtain comments from Jacob Rosbeck and Michael Pyrick — DOT personnel attached to the project — were unsuccessful by press time.

But it's clear the project is progressing.

Recently, the lanes of traffic during the project have switched from the eastbound to westbound lanes of Highway 50.

This was announced in statements posted on the websites for the towns of Linn and Geneva, the two communities in which this four-mile stretch of highway is located.

The DOT is milling and resurfacing the roadway, adding left turn lanes for median openings and left- and right-turn lanes at the intersections.

On April 23, DOT project manager Gary Metzer told the Regional News that drainage culverts and storm sewers are being replaced as the project progresses.

Metzer also said the project also calls for rebuilding a 1,000-foot stretch of road near Geneva Ridge Resort.

"The sight distance will be improved so that when you're driving along, the road doesn't disappear," he said.

Although Metzer said there "should be minimal disruption," there have been a few traffic accidents.

On June 13, Geneva Town Clerk-Treasurer Deb Kirch and Highway Superintendent Randy Parker said they also received a couple minor complaints, but both were addressed.

One of the complaints was that Dummer Drive was cut open to install a culvert, but not enough sand was placed to fill the gap.

As the start of the next school year approaches, Brzinski said he still remains concerned about safety.

According to statements on town websites, the project is expected to be finished mid-October.

He said they will include project information in the "welcome back" letter that is sent to parents.

"One of the things we've been trying to do is have parents avoid making left turns and have parents use Snake Road," Brzinski said. "It's a bit of a longer drive, but it's a pretty drive."