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Geneva Lake West

Potential for a serious accident?

Chief: safety around square a concern

October 28, 2010
Walworth — In the past 22 months, there have only been seven accidents reported by police around the village's square. Of those accidents, only two involved semis. In both, a street light was knocked over. Although there haven't been many serious accidents around the square, it doesn't mean there aren't safety concerns in the village's downtown.

Gage permit gets quick approval

October 28, 2010
Williams Bay — If you blinked, you missed it. The Williams Bay Village Board on Monday, Oct. 18, approved a conditional use for Gage Marine as recommended by the Plan Commission on Oct. 12. In addition, the board also approved a zoning permit for the company.

Recent Geneva Lake West
Gage takes first step to add restaurant to marina
October 21, 2010
Williams Bay — Gage Marine took its first step toward de-industrializing and re-purposing its Williams Bay location, adding a family restaurant and tavern to its boat repair and storage facility at 4 Liechty Drive.On Oct. 11, the Williams Bay Plan Commission unanimously recommended that Gage be granted a conditional use permit for the proposed changes.The conditional use must be approved by the Village Board, said Don Weyhrauch, Village Board president and chairman of the Plan Commission.
Village appeals TID change
October 21, 2010
Fontana — Formally the village has appealed the change in how the state values its Tax Increment District, which has created financial pains for the TIF district.Earlier this year, the Department of Revenue changed how it values the TIF district. In previous years, the DOR valued the TIF district using a formula. Now the state uses the assessor’s value, which dropped the value of Fontana’s district by $26 million overnight.This change, depending on real estate growth, also could place the TIF district in debt until 2020. However, the TID should close with a positive balance.
State stocks Geneva Lake with 3,000 muskies
First time DNR has put this species in the lake
October 21, 2010
Williams Bay — Geneva Lake has a new predator.The state Department of Natural Resources transplanted 3,000 muskellunge into lake waters Thursday and Friday, Oct. 14 and 15, said Doug Welch, DNR fisheries biologist for Walworth, Racine and Kenosha counties.The fish were introduced to the lake in Williams Bay on the north side of the lake and near Trinke Estates in Linn Township at the south east side, Welsh said.
Resident passing petition seeking rewrite of codes
October 14, 2010
Fontana — Sharon O’Brien is feeling disenfranchised. The Fontana resident has been attending board meetings in her search for stricter regulations to the village’s zoning and land use laws, but she believes elected officials are ignoring her pleas.O’Brien wants to see village officials aggressively pursue rewriting ordinances to preserve the area and prevent unwanted development, especially on the shoreline.
DOT may acquire businesses for project
State looks at buying buildings for Highway 14
October 14, 2010
Walworth — When Waal’s Department store was open, parents would take their children in September to buy back-to-school clothes and supplies there.Eleven years ago, the former department store was purchased by John and Roberta Hunt, who now run the Antique Store on the corner. Roberta Hunt, an owner of the Antique Mall, said customers still talk to her about the former department store. However, today more people are questioning the building’s future.
To raise revenues, village looks at advertising
October 07, 2010
Walworth — The cash-strapped village is searching for alternative ways to fund, for which the board has been criticized.During the September meeting, the Village Board discussed having advertisements in the outfields of Toynton and Devil’s Lane Park. “We are trying to raise funds for the parks because our budget is constantly being cut,” Park Committee Chairwoman Madeline Zindrick said.
Village awaiting opinion on lakefront ownership
Whowell describes CDA’s handling of issue inept, disgraceful
October 07, 2010
Fontana — The drama surrounding the lakefront ownership issue may soon reach its climax. In August, the CDA authorized spending up to $5,000 to have Madison-based attorney Hank Gempeler research titles and other documents to determine whether the Lake Street businesses have riparian rights to Geneva Lake.For years, questions have been raised on whether the owners of Chuck’s Lake Shore Inn and Gordy’s have the riparian rights to Geneva Lake. Chuck’s is owned by Carol and Jamie Whowell and Tom Whowell is one of the owners of Gordy’s.
Saving the TID
Village makes plea to state
October 07, 2010
Fontana — A sudden change in how the Department of Revenue values tax increment districts has left village officials baffled.And, depending on real estate growth, it also could place the TIF district in debt until 2020. However, the TID should close with a positive balance.Village officials are protesting the DOR’s decision to change how it values TIF districts. The change dropped the value of Fontana’s district by $26 million overnight.
Someone steals ATM from Lucke’s Cantina
September 30, 2010
Williams Bay — Police are investigating a burglary at Lucke’s Cantina after someone broke into the restaurant last week and stole an ATM full of cash.The theif or thieves also broke into a safe that contained cash and took jackets that were left overnight by employees.Village police officer Dan Lauderdale said this type of crime is unusual for Williams Bay.
Prohibiting pyramiding
September 30, 2010
Fontana — Pyramiding is a term many people in Walworth County aren’t familiar with. However, in Fontana that will soon change. Pyramiding is increasing the access to a public body of water through private real estate transactions. In the Geneva Lake area that could mean riparian rights would be transferred across the street. Other effects of pyramiding includes increasing the number of boats, piers and buoys on the lake.During Monday night’s Plan Commission meeting, Village Attorney Dale Thorpe presented an ordinance that would prohibit pyramiding. In the next month, village officials will tweak Thorpe’s proposal, and there will be a public hearing in October.
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