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Senior year lasts

June 06, 2013
Editor's note: Nicole Johnson is one of the four valedictorians at Badger High School this year. She read the following poem at the graduation ceremony. Last Game;
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Taking a closer look at assistance programs

June 06, 2013
One of the Legislature's primary goals is to save taxpayer dollars by reducing fraud, waste, and abuse within government programs or state agencies. By focusing on such fraud, we can lessen the tax burden on individuals, while at the same time, allow taxpayer-funded programs to be used by people with the greatest need for assistance. Wisconsin's FoodShare program is one government program which can be a lifeline to those in need. ...subscribers>>

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Why bean counters serve important task
May 30, 2013
Our government center was crawling with bean counters last month. By bean counters, I mean accountants, and they were here poring over our financial records in preparation of our 2012 audit. I use the term bean counters affectionately, in part because they have not yet finished the audit, but mainly because accountants, whether they are employed by the government or audit government finances, provide an important service to the public.
Postmaster has suggestions
May 16, 2013
Are you or someone you know planning a special event or wedding? Did you know USPS has a variety of postage for weddings, family gatherings and other special events?For your special invitations this year we have “Wedding Roses” which shows two elegant white roses, “Sealed with Love” stamp which shows an envelope that shows a heart impressed into a wax seal, we have the “Neon Celebrate” stamp which is like fireworks in the night sky and the “Where Dreams Blossom” stamp which shows a stylized drawing of a floral bouquet. We still can order in a supply of the “Love Ribbons” stamps which spells out love with a ribbon. All of these stamps are forever stamps good for the first ounce.
Thinking about aging
May 16, 2013
It is always in seasonfor old men to learn.Aeschylus ...subscribers>>
Most jobs come from small business
May 09, 2013
Job growth in Lake Geneva is a primary goal of the Lake Geneva Economic Development Corporation (LGEDC). While bringing a going business here from another community produces a dramatic show of new jobs all at once this does not happen often. Statistics show that more than 70 per cent of new jobs come from new or growing small businesses.A national report from the E. M. Kauffman Foundation stated that, if not for startups, the nation as a whole would have lost jobs in 22 of the 29 years spanning 1977 to 2005. Young companies, 5 years old or less, added jobs in all 29 years.
Most jobs come from small business
May 09, 2013
Job growth in Lake Geneva is a primary goal of the Lake Geneva Economic Development Corporation (LGEDC). While bringing a going business here from another community produces a dramatic show of new jobs all at once this does not happen often. Statistics show that more than 70 per cent of new jobs come from new or growing small businesses.
'Taking Five' to recall two musical passings
May 09, 2013
How is it possible to discuss two of music’s great artists when they seem to be such polar opposites? Both are men, pianists and made major marks in the 1950s. And their marks were indeed considerable.Is it necessary to discuss both in the same context? In this case, yes, because both died recently, and each produced his own form of artistic revolution. As a point of pride, I recognize both as examples of American genius.Dave Brubeck, who died in December a day short of his 92nd birthday, changed the sound of jazz and made it mainstream.
History from perspective of ex-alderman
May 02, 2013
It was a shock to say the least. Why put off the vote when they had the votes to approve the project?City Attorney Mr. Braden spoke forcefully against the referendum and yet never suggested to the city council that we go into closed session where he could go into detail about the reasons for his advice. It was clear that the city council was not following the city’s ordinances on this matter. The motion to have a referendum was passed.I had assumed that Mr. Chesen would not have made such a motion without the approval of the city attorney or at least a heads up to the city attorney about it. Why propose a referendum, especially if the city attorney did not even know about it?
The 'junkman' cometh to Lake Geneva
May 02, 2013
The little boy was playing in his sand box next to the back door of his house when he heard the shouting. It was a warm, sunny morning in early June of 1946. World War II had ended only eight months earlier. “The ‘junkman’ is coming! The ‘junkman’ is coming!” shouted other young children in the neighborhood. The young boy immediately knew what the shouting was about. He rose from his sand box and ran into the house. “The ‘Junkman’ is coming,” he excitedly told his grandmother, who was busily winding balls of string and twine at the kitchen table. ...subscribers>>
Building, rebuilding Wisconsin
April 18, 2013
Wisconsin has more than 60 state agencies, including the University of Wisconsin System. These agencies – such as the Departments of Transportation, Public Instruction, Health, Natural Resources, and Corrections – encompass all of state government. The UW System, the largest state agency, is made up of 13 four-year universities, 13 freshman-sophomore UW Colleges campuses and a statewide UW-Extension. The facilities that house each agency frequently need upkeep and maintenance, and at times, a new facility is in order. When that need arises, the Wisconsin Building Commission plays a key role in the review and potential approval of such projects. The commission is vital to developing and implementing the state building program, as well as maintaining the estimated $10.3 billion in existing state-owned buildings. ...subscribers>>
FFA students attend youth conference
April 18, 2013
On March 19, high school students from Big Foot High School attended the CO-OPS YES! Youth Leadership Conference in Eau Claire. This conference is designed for 10th through 12th graders to improve leadership skills and learn about cooperative networking.Students attend many workshops designed to teach necessary skills and understanding of the foundation of a good cooperative.The students designed a cooperative network of their own, expressing their creativity and using the knowledge they learned about different cooperatives near them.
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