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The year in news: Lake Geneva

December 30, 2010
2010 wasn't quite as eventful as the previous year, but there still were some significant accomplishments, stories and controversies. There was the long-awaited completion of a new road in the city, the closing of a local bank, changing faces and attitudes at City Hall and tragic deaths. All were the stories that shaped the year in news in Lake Geneva. Here's a more detailed look at the top stories and themes in 2010.
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Alderwoman receives no sanction for missing deposition

December 30, 2010
Lake Geneva Alderwoman Mary Jo Fesenmaier soon will have to appear at a deposition to answer questions about her e-mails regarding the Mirbeau and Hummel development proposals. On Tuesday afternoon, after more than an hour of discussion, Walworth County Circuit Court Judge John Race ruled the Lake Geneva Regional News can depose Fesenmaier. Race also said she has to respond to written questions about her e-mails. Fesenmaier is involved in a lawsuit with the Regional News. The newspaper claims Fesenmaier failed to produce her e-mail records related to the development proposals. Both developers are suing the city for a combined $250 million.

Recent Lake Geneva News
Serving Christmas dinner to needy
December 23, 2010
Christmas Day is a time to be spent enjoying family, friends and a special dinner. It’s not a time to be alone or in need.Five families from Immanuel Lutheran Church are trying to make sure everyone in the area has an option to enjoy Christmas dinner on Saturday night. Led by Ashley Miu and her family, it will be the second straight year a free Christmas dinner will be served at the church, 1229 Park Row.Last year, Miu started the free Christmas dinner because similar events are held in cities such as Milwaukee. But, she said nothing was being done here in Lake Geneva. She said the church has a breakfast program twice a week and people attend that for the food and companionship.
Speaking from the heart
December 23, 2010
Michael and Joan Lyon are answering the call.The ministers of the Spirit of Charity Church have overcome their own tragedy and devastation and they are sharing their knowledge and experiences from the past to help others facing similar difficult times now.“Our calling is to give away what’s been given to us,” Michael said. “What has been given to me is that I had no hope, no alternative and no place to go. What happens when you get in that place, you finally remember there is a God and then you get down on your knees and ask for help.”
Silent no more
December 16, 2010
Several times, Erin Merryn was ready to give up on life. She attempted suicide at 16, cut herself with needles when she was 17 and became anorexic in college.But, her story starts like most others — with childhood innocence and happiness. When she was 5, those feelings were replaced by confusion, anger, frustration and silent secrets which haunted her for years.Merryn’s story is about sexual abuse, a topic most people don’t want to discuss.
Sheridan Springs will have traffic signals
December 16, 2010
The Edwards Boulevard extension north has been open since October, but one more piece remains to put the finishing touches on it.In time for summer, traffic lights and a reworked intersection at Sheridan Springs Road and Interchange North will be installed to improve traffic flow and safety in the area.On Monday night, the City Council voted to spend more than $282,000 for the work and another $20,000 for project engineering, which will widen Interchange North, revise the sidewalk and intersection and add traffic signals at the location.
City tax bills on the way
December 09, 2010
They’ll appear in your mailbox a little earlier this year. But, don’t expect that arrival to bring good news.Lake Geneva property owners are expected to receive their 2010 tax bills at the beginning of next week and with it comes an overall tax rate increase of 2.2 percent to $21.59 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The 2009 tax rate was $21.12.That 2010 figure includes slight drops in the state to $0.18 per $1,000 of assessed value and county to $4.48 for Lake Geneva residents. The city’s tax rate remained the same at $5.51 per $1,000 of assessed value, while Gateway Technical College increased slightly to $1.51.
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